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Iris Lynn, The Alleged Secret Daughter of Justin Timberlake—Controversy Proven Untrue

Even though some netizens are convinced that Iris Lynn is the alleged daughter of Justin, there is no such proof to verify these claims.

A social media personality, Iris, has sparked rumors that she is Justin Timberlake’s daughter, and TikTok users are convinced of her authenticity.

This speculation started in 2023 when a woman claimed to be the hidden child of the NSYNC star.


  • Using the Instagram handle @axolotl_3000, Iris has been sharing photos and tagging Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, since 2022, insisting she is Justin’s daughter.
  • There’s no evidence to back up the assertion made by the account claiming to be Timberlake’s daughter, Iris Lynn.
  • Netizens have suggested that Iris’s photos actually belong to Katana Grace, and users are spreading this misinformation using Katana’s identity.

Using the Instagram handle @axolotl_3000, Iris has been sharing photos and tagging Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, since 2022, insisting she is his daughter.

She claimed that her unnamed mother is a gold digger who accepted hush money from Timberlake to keep the child’s existence secret.

Iris’s accusations against Timberlake have garnered widespread attention, with people discussing the rumors on social media.

Is Iris truly Justin Timberlake’s daughter, or is she fabricating a story to gain sympathy? Let’s investigate the facts to uncover the truth behind her claims.

Unraveling the Misinformation of The Alleged Justin Timberlake Secret Daughter, Iris Lynn

Claiming her to be Timberlake’s daughter, Iris even uploaded a picture of a DNA proof and a birth certificate, listing her name and “Justin Randall Timberlake” as her father.

Iris further insisted that the media remains silent about her alleged family matters, claiming, “My dad has a gag order for media outlets on me.”

She also stated that when she was 14, she was forced to have an abortion, and her father threatened her if she informed anybody about it.

Contrary to the claims made by the account using the name Iris Lynn and alleging to be Timberlake’s daughter, there is no evidence to support such a relationship. 

It’s possible that the account is spreading false information to attract the media’s attention and defame the singer.

The page is overloaded with spam, and although Iris doesn’t share recent images of herself, her old photos can still be found by exploring the internet.

Some internet investigators have pointed out that the selfies Iris uses and claims to be hers actually belong to a woman named Katana Grace, a model, actress, and DJ residing in LA.

Moreover, it’s speculated that Katana hails from Ukraine and probably has no knowledge that her content is being utilized in this alleged scam.

TikTok users are spreading misinformation and making unsubstantiated claims about Timberlake having a secret daughter Just using Katana’s identity.

Hence, the claim about Timberlake having a secret daughter appears to be a rumor circulating on social media platforms like TikTok without credible evidence to support it.

Additional Information

  • Justin Timberlake is happily married to Jessica Biel, and together, they have two sons: Silas, who is 9 years old, and Phineas, who is 3.
  • In October of last year, Justin faced criticism after his ex-partner, Britney Spears, disclosed that she had undergone an abortion two decades ago because he was uncertain about becoming a father.
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