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SNL: Who Is Erny Huelke, Heidi Gardner Mother? Meet Her Father And Family

Heidi Gardner mother, Erny Huelke, recently made her first appearance on Saturday Night Live. She also made the Tom Brady roast reference.

SNL skipped its traditional cold opening and took a new approach this past Sunday. It featured its cast members’ moms in honor of Mother’s Day.

Key Takeaways

  • Heidi Gardner’s parents are proud of her accomplishments and her hosting job at SNL.
  • The actress appeared alongside her mom on the latest episode of SNL.
  • Heidi Gardner’s father is low-key and remains away from the spotlight.

Kenan Thompson began the skit with his mom, Ann. The duo were hilarious and quick in delivering witty punchlines.

Heidi Gardner’s mother was no exception either. She took a jab at Tom Brady’s roast, which recently made several headlines.

After the cold open, Maya Rudolph presented a fantastic monologue, indicating she is everyone’s mother now with Ballroom House music.

Heidi Gardner Mother, Erny Huelke, Is Free Spirited

The SNL host was born to her loving parents on July 27, 1983. She has an older brother named Justin Gardner and a younger brother named Ty Gardner.

Heidi has always been outspoken about her mother and frequently shares how she inspired her characters.

The actress shared about her mom’s Cuba trip and passion for outdoor things during an interview with Live Kelly & Ryan. In her own words, Erny is very free-spirited.

When Gardner was a kid, her mother had a group of five friends who named themselves the Girls Night Out, Let’s Have Fun Club.

The group often went bar hopping on Friday nights or take trips to San Francisco. They also taught Heidi to have good girlfriends and enjoy with them.

According to EthniCelebs, Heidi’s mom is five-eighth German, one-eighth Italian, one-eighth Greek, and one-eighth Irish.

Heidi Gardner’s Father’s Identity Is A Bit Discreet

Unlike her mom, Heidi Gardner’s father remains away from the media. Even his name is challenging to find.

Some sources claim Gardner’s dad is Rick L. Gardner, while some say his name is Tim Gardner.

During her interview with CONNAN, the SNL host happily shared that her father is super proud of her. Mr. Gardner drives for Uber and often talks about his daughter with his passengers.

Not many know, but Heidi Gardner’s parents are divorced. Her dad often took her to the flower shop in Kansas City to buy flowers for his dates.

We would step into the walk-in cooler full of flowers, and it was the best smell ever. His (Gardener’s dad) go-to flower was the Stargazer lily, a big, blooming, excessive pink and white flower.

From The New York Times

Heidi’s father is allegedly from a Mormon family and is of English, Norwegian, and Scottish descent.

Regarding Heidi Gardner’s brothers, Justin is a video producer based in Kansas City. The siblings also collaborated in Where We Were When.

On the other hand, Ty once organized a fundraising campaign to represent Overland Park’s Ward 4 on the city council.

Additional Information About Heidi Gardner

  • Heidi Gardner’s ex-husband, Zeb Wells, is a Marvel Comics writer. The former couple were married from 2010 to 2023.
  • The comedian doesn’t have any children.
  • According to sources, Heidi Gardner’s salary is $8,000 per episode in SNL.
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