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Fans Speculated That Sabrina Brier Is Linked With Comedian Casey Frey

An actress Sabrina Brier is currently living a single life.

Sabrina Brier has recently been a part of ABC’s comedy show Abott Elementary Season 3.

36 years old, Sabrina Brier was born on August 4, 1994, in Guilford, Connecticut, United States.


  • Sabrina Brier is not dating anyone in 2024.
  • Fans speculated that Sabrina is linked with dancer and comedian Casey Frey.
  • Recently, Sabrina has been a part of ABC’s comedy show Abott Elementary.

Brier attended Amity Regional High School in Woodbridge, Connecticut. Later, she joined Smith College, where she majored in theater while taking improv classes and graduated in 2017.

After graduation, she worked in talent management for two years before working as an assistant for the writers of the ABC legal drama For Life.

Brier is currently working as an actress, comedian, and influencer. She became famous on TikTok in 2023 through her skits in which she plays privileged, self-involved characters.

Her skits also depict relatable humoristic takes on awkward, or sometimes painful, life moments.

Sabrina Brier Is Quite Secretive About Her Love Life

Sabrina Brier has not been open about her personal life and her past relationship timeline. She is not dating anyone in 2024 and is enjoying a single life.

Although Brier has mentioned hashtags #boyfriend #dating on her Instagram reels, those are only for skits, and the videos don’t reveal Sabrina Brier’s personal life as they are only made for fun.

Talking about her reel life, Sabrina is linked with a guy named Casey Frey in ABC’s comedy show Abott Elementary.

Casey Frey is an American dancer and comedian famous for his videos on social media, particularly Vine.

Sabrina plays a substitute for Janine’s (Quint Brunson) class, while Frey follows in Tariq’s (Zack Fox) footsteps as one of the rappers of F.A.D.E.

If you are a regular viewer of the comedy show Abott Elementary, you might know the relationship between Sabrina Brier and Casey Frey.

There are many fan-made speculations that Sabrina and Casey Frey are dating, but they have not officially confirmed.

However, Sabrina Brier might reveal her boyfriend in the near future.

Additional Information

  • Sabrina Brier has an estimated net worth of $700k as of 2024.
  • She is Jewish and has one older sister who works as a producer.
  • She was born to a mother, Susan Cinoman, a playwright, former sketch comedian, and a cardiologist father. Her parents divorced when she was only 5 years old.
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