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Fans Confused Between Bill Cobbs And Bill Cosby, Despite No Relation

Bill Cobbs Or Bill Cosby: Both are veteran actors.

Bill Cobbs and Bill Cosby are often mistaken for each other, likely due to their shared first name and similar careers in the entertainment industry.

While they are both African American actors who have made notable contributions to film and television, their individual paths and accomplishments are distinct.


  • Some fans beleive if Bill Cosby played in ” Night at the Museum” but in actual it was Bill Cobbs.
  • Bill Cobbs grew up with his one and only brother Thomas Cobbs.
  • Bill Cosby has three brothers named Robert,Russell, and James Cosby.

Bill Cobbs, whose full name is Wilbert Francisco Cobbs, is notable for his extensive work as a character actor.

He had appeared in numerous movies and TV shows since the 1970s, portraying various supporting roles.

Some of his memorable performances include roles in films like “Night at the Museum,” “The Hudsucker Proxy,” and “Demolition Man.”

On the other hand, Bill Cosby, whose full name is William Henry Cosby Jr., was an actor and a well-known comedian and producer.

He gained fame for his stand-up comedy routines and became a household name through his iconic role as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” a groundbreaking sitcom that aired in the 1980s.

Fans Are Often Confuse About Bill Cobbs And Bill Cosby

One fan in the forum mentioned that they used to believe Bill Cosby was in “Night at the Museum,” but Bill Cobbs actually played the role.

Moreover, they guessed that when they were young, they were confined to thinking that famous people looked similar, even just a little bit.

Later, they realized they didn’t really look alike and attributed their initial confusion to the similarity in their names, except for the last few letters of their surnames.

Sadly, Bill Cobbs, the veteran character actor known for his wise and familiar presence on screen, passed away at the age of 90.

Some fans initially confused him with 86-year-old Bill Cosby, wondering if it was Cosby who had died instead.

Hence, on social media, some are joking that people need to put on glasses to tell the difference between Bill Cobbs and Bill Cosby.

They’re emphasizing that although their names are similar, they are completely different people.

Bill Cobbs And Bill Cosby Do Not Share Similar Family Lineage

Bill Cobbs was born to a father, David, who worked in construction, and a mother, Vera, a domestic worker.

His upbringing was in Ohio, where he spent his early years before pursuing his career in acting.

He grew up with his brother Thomas G. Cobbs, who confirmed his demise on 25 June 2024.

Thomas G. Cobbs fondly remembered his brother as “a beloved partner, big brother, uncle, surrogate parent, godfather, and friend.”

Bill Cobbs didn’t marry during his lifetime and had no children.

On the contrary, Bill Cosby spent his childhood days with his three brothers- Robert, Russell, and James Cosby.

During her sophomore year at the University of Maryland, Bill Cosby went on a blind date with Camille Hanks.

They got engaged shortly after starting to date and married on January 25, 1964.

After getting married, Bill Cosby and Camille had five children: Erika, Erinn, Ennis, Ensa, and Evin.

Henceforth, they aren’t even distant relatives by any means.

Additional Information

  • Before pursuing acting, Bill Cobbs served as a radar technician in the U.S. Air Force for eight years.
  • Afterward, he worked in office products at IBM and sold cars in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • In 1970, at 36, Cobbs moved to New York City to pursue his acting dream. He drove a cab, repaired office equipment, sold toys, and took on various odd jobs to support himself.
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