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Richard Linklater And Art Linkletter Are Not Connected With Familial Ties

Having similar sounding surnames is not enough for any two prominent figures to be blood related.

Are acclaimed filmmaker Richard Linklater and television personality Art Linkletter linked? This question demands details about their potential family connection.

Richard Linklater is a renowned filmmaker known for movies like “Dazed and Confused” and “The Before Trilogy“.


  • Despite their similar last names, the two individuals, Richard and Art are not related.
  • Richard supports animal rights and has been a vegetarian since his early 20s.
  • Whereas, Art rose to popularity as a television host, actor, and producer.

Richard’s work is celebrated for its realistic dialogue and innovative storytelling.

On the other hand, Art Linkletter was a popular television and radio personality famous for hosting shows like “House Party” and “People Are Funny.”

He gained prominence for his warm personality and his ability to connect with audiences, especially through his interviews with children.

Richard Linklater And Art Linkletter Have Distinct Family Trees

The surnames Linklater and Linkletter sound similar but don’t belong to the same ethnic groups.

Due to their similar-sounding surnames, viewers wonder if Richard Linklater has a familial connection with Art Linkletter.

To answer their curiosities, they have no family connection as they have different family trees.

Richard Linklater was born on July 30, 1960, in Houston, Texas, to Diane Margaret, a career educator, and Charles W. Linklater, III, a home insurance underwriter.

On the other hand, Art Linkletter was born on July 17, 1912, in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Art was abandoned as an infant and adopted by Mary and Fulton John Linkletter, who was an evangelical preacher.

They had an age gap of more than four decades, so they might have been distantly related. However, that possibility is also eliminated as they come from two different places.

Richard has been in a long-term relationship with Christina Harrison since the 1990s. They have three daughters, including Lorelei Linklater, who co-starred in Boyhood.

On the contrary, Art has enjoyed one of the longest marriages in Hollywood history, with Lois Foerster, lasting nearly 75 years, and the legacy continued till his last breath.

The couple had five children together, and their names were revealed in the media. He had three sons, Arthur Jack, Dawn, and Robert, and two daughters, Sharon and Diane.

Among them, three of them are already dead, meaning that Art outlived three of his children as they passed away at an early age.

Thus, this eliminates the probability of Richard and Art having a father-son relationship.

Despite their shared surname and prominence in their respective fields, Richard Linklater and Art Linkletter lead separate lives without familial ties.

Additional Information

  • Richard Linklater is renowned for his unique, intimate films showcasing his self-taught director background.
  • Linkletter decided to work as a radio broadcaster at KGB in San Diego after earning his teaching degree because broadcasting offered a higher salary than teaching.
  • The program, which debuted on CBS Television on September 1, 1952, under the name Art Linkletter’s House Party, became the longest-running daytime variety show in television history when it ended on September 5, 1969.
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