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Eric Graise’s Early Struggles, Overcoming Congenital Limb Deficiency Through Amputation

Aside from his talent on the screen, one of the first things fans will notice about Eric Graise is that he is a double-leg amputee.

Eric Graise, recognized for his performances in acclaimed streaming shows such as “The Tomorrow War” and “Locke & Key,” has drawn attention to his leg condition.


  • A prominent Hollywood actor, Eric Graise defies expectations as a double-leg amputee, showcasing remarkable talent on screen.
  • Born without fibulas in both legs due to congenital limb deficiency, Graise underwent amputation at around one year old, facing challenges from a young age.
  • Despite physical hurdles, Graise’s passion for performing flourished, inspired by shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and the collaborative spirit of the Full Radius Dance Company.

As a double-leg amputee, Graise has added depth to his character in the newly debuted series “Tracker,” a pivotal tech-savvy ally to Justin Hartley’s Colter Shaw.

Despite this challenge, Graise nurtured a passion for performing from a young age, inspired by shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’

A pivotal moment came when he discovered the Full Radius Dance Company, where disabled and non-disabled dancers collaborated to craft stunning dance performances.

The discovery of the Full Radius Dance Company further ignited Graise’s passion for dance.

Graise asserts that he does not seek pity for his disability, emphasizing his desire to be respected for his work on-screen regardless of his physical condition.

Graise’s absence of both legs from the knee down has sparked curiosity among many, leading to questions about whether an accident resulted in his losing both limbs.

Tracker’s Actor, Eric Graise’s Legs Amputation Due to Fibular Hemimelia

Hailing from Atlanta, Eric Graise was born without fibulas in both legs. This absence of bone led to his legs being amputated when he was around one year old.

Eric Graise lost his legs as a result of a congenital limb deficiency called fibular hemimelia. It is a condition where the fibula bone in the lower leg is either underdeveloped or missing.

In a 2018 interview with Today, he emphasized, “It’s not about my disability,” expressing his desire for people to recognize and appreciate his on-screen work regardless of whether he is in a wheelchair or not.

He mentioned,

“Because what they are usually really saying is, ‘If you can do that, then I have no excuse.’ It is more about them, not me. And it diminishes all of my hard work. You can do anything if you work hard. I really worked hard to get here. It’s not about my disability.”

Since entering Hollywood, Graise has been vocal about the importance of disabled actors in the entertainment industry.

He passionately advocates for the inclusion of disabled communities on screen, advocating for more disabled characters in prominent projects.

Graise has voiced his aspiration to portray either a superhero or supervillain, noting the lack of representation for the disability community in major comic book franchises like Marvel or DC.

He highlights characters like Professor X, who has a disability, and Cyborg, a black man with multiple amputations, as examples within the fantasy realm.

However, Graise emphasizes the absence of characters with disabilities portrayed by actors in such iconic roles.

He believes significant untapped potential exists for including and representing disabled actors in these major projects.

Additional Information

  • Eric Graise is a University of West Georgia (UWG) graduate who left school with a bachelor’s degree in theatre.
  • The Barack Obama administration invited the actor to speak at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • He is also an aspiring writer and director. In 2018, he wrote and directed a short film titled “Limited Space.”
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