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Emile Cilliers Wikipedia Surges Amidst The New Docu-series The Fall: Skydive Murder Plot

The jury found Emile Cilliers guilty of two counts of attempted murder after he also tried to cause a gas explosion at the family home.

Emile Cilliers is a former British Army sergeant who was convicted of attempting to murder his wife, Victoria Cilliers.

Cilliers was behind the attempted murder, driven by debt and a desire for a new life with his lover.


  • Emile Cilliers, born in 1980 in South Africa, relocated to the UK around 2000. His parents, Stolz and Zaan Cilliers, reside in Betty’s Bay, Western Cape.
  • In 2015, he attempted to murder his wife, Victoria Cilliers, driven by financial debt and a desire for a new life with his lover, Stefanie Goller.
  • Emile was found guilty in 2018 of tampering with her parachute, aiming to secure a £120,000 life insurance payout.

The new docudrama series, The Fall: Skydive Murder Plot, explores the extraordinary circumstances surrounding this attempted murder plot and the police investigation.

It delves into the chilling thought Victoria had while falling towards her death, believing her husband had tampered with her parachute.

The series also explores Victoria’s life after the harrowing incident, including her new relationship.

Emile Cilliers, 44, Supported by Parents Stolz and Zaan Cilliers Amid Controversy

Emile Cilliers was a sergeant in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps. He was born to his parents, Stolz and Zaan Cilliers, in South Africa 1980.

Cilliers’ father works as an engineer overseeing road construction projects, whereas his mother, Zaan, runs a preschool called “PenguinKids” for around 40 children from low-income families in their hometown.

Emile, originally from the farming and mining community of Ermelo in Mpumalanga province, South Africa, relocated to the UK around 2000.

His parents currently reside approximately 1,000 miles from Ermelo in Betty’s Bay, in the Western Cape, known for its penguin colony and tourist popularity.

He also has a sister named Liza and a younger brother named Dirk-Louis.

Liza currently resides in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, and is married to Niel Vermaas, a businessman.

Whereas his brother, Dirk-Louis, works as a production manager at a coal mine in the industrial town of Secunda. His brother defended him regarding the case, mentioning,

I know my brother, he comes from a good family and a good home. There’s no way he could have done the things they said he has done.

His family, including his mother, Zaan Cilliers, has consistently supported him and described him as a ‘good man’.

Zaan Cilliers flew to Britain to assist her son and care for his children following his arrest. She believed in his innocence, stating,

“I believe in my son, I love him, he is our child and we know him. I don’t feel affected by these allegations as I know him and know there is no truth in it. That’s all I can tell you.”

Emile Cilliers Life From Failed Relationships to Infamous Notoriety in the “Skydive Murder Plot”

In the early 2000s, Emile moved to the UK, where he met Nicolene Shepherd. They were together and had two children, but they were never married.

She mentioned that,

He proposed to me using his grandmother’s ring. We never made it to the altar, though. He was cheating on me with my best friend.

The family initially lived in South Africa, but their relationship deteriorated after their children were born, leading to separation when their second child Trevor, was three.

In 2005, Cilliers subsequently left his family, and his son, Trevor, and daughter, Cilene went to live with their grandmother, Anna Thompsett, in the UK.

After separating from Nicolene, Emile met Victoria in 2009, and they got married. Emile subsequently had two more children with Victoria.

Despite their outward appearance of perfection, their relationship deteriorated before his 2015 attempt on her life.

Victoria’s parachute failed to open during a skydive, causing her to fall 4,000 feet. She miraculously survived with serious injuries.

Investigations revealed that Cilliers had deliberately tampered with Victoria’s parachute in an attempt to kill her and claim insurance money to clear his debts.

In 2018, Cilliers was found guilty of two counts of attempted murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 18 years.

Emile’s case gained notoriety as the “Skydive Murder Plot” and received extensive media coverage with a dedicated Wikipedia page to his wife, Victoria Cilliers.

Additional Information

  • Zaan Cilliers informed Nicolene that her son, Emile Cilliers, had married his first wife, a British woman named Carly Taylor, and was in the process of divorcing her.
  • Cilliers was £22,000 in debt and anticipated receiving a £120,000 life insurance payout in case of his wife’s accidental death.
  • He needed the money to settle debts and begin a new life with his lover, Stefanie Goller. While planning this new life, Cilliers was also involved with his ex-wife Carly and engaged in unprotected relations with prostitutes.
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