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Emile Cilliers Continued Meeting His First Wife Carly Even After Marrying Victoria

Emile Cilliers first wife Carly is a mother of his two children.

Before plotting Victoria Cilliers’s demise, Emilie Cilliers continued his relationship with Nicole Shepherd, although he had his first wife, Carly, on the radar.

In The Fall: Skydive Murder Plot, directed by Guy King, the story begins with MyAnna Buring playing Victoria Cilliers.


  • Emile tied the knot with Carly for visa issues, when he travelled to England.
  • He told his long-time girlfriend, Nicolene that he would be divorcing his fiest wife Carly soon
  • The investigation showcased that he was still in touch with Carly after being hitched to Victoria Cilliers.

Victoria’s husband, Emile, tries to kill her by messing with her parachute before she jumps from 4,000 feet in Wiltshire.

Despite enduring severe injuries, Victoria miraculously survived the fall.

After plummeting to the ground and landing in a plowed field, she managed to stay alive.

Remarkably, within days of the incident, Victoria was coherent enough to speak with the police about what had happened.

Emile Cilliers Married Carly For Visa, While Being In Relationship With Nicolene Shepherd

Nicolene Shepherd and Emile Cilliers grew up together in South Africa.

She was his girlfriend on and off for 10 years and also the mother of two of his six children.

When Shepherd was just 16, she gave birth to their daughter, Cilene, in 2000.

Only six months later, she was pregnant again, this time with their son, Trevor.

However, Cilliers left South Africa for a working holiday in England while Shepherd was pregnant with Trevor.

He assured her he would return, and they would raise their children together.

But instead, he met and married Carly and enlisted in the army.

When Emile arrived, he explained that he had married Carly due to visa issues and was divorcing her.

Also, by that time, Emile had two kids with his first wife, Carly.

Emile and Nicole reconnected and got back together despite feeling sheepish about it.

Carly Confronted Emile Cilliers But Continued Relationship With Him After The Split

Shepherd soon learned that Cilliers wasn’t actually in the process of divorcing Carly.

This revelation occurred when Cilliers inadvertently left his phone in Shepherd’s conservatory, and Carly called.

Realizing they had both been deceived, Shepherd and Carly decided to confront Cilliers together.

Shepherd recounted the tense moment when she arrived at Carly’s house, and Cilliers, taken aback, confronted her with a sharp question.

Consequently, Shepherd ghosted Cilliers while Carly was still in touch with him following their split.

During the investigation of the Skydive plot, it was found that Cilliers had been involved romantically with his ex-wife, Carly Cilliers, though he was hitched to Victoria Cilliers.

Carly resided less than a mile from Cilliers and Victoria in Amesbury.

Interestingly, the two families also shared childcare responsibilities.

At the same time, he was having an affair with Stefanie Goller, an Austrian skydiving instructor.

Additional Information

  • Emile Cilliers met Stefanie Goller from the Tinder app when he was on an army skiing trip.
  • Cilliers had informed Goller that he had a wife, Victoria, who was heavily pregnant, but he insisted that the baby wasn’t his; he claimed it belonged to another man.
  • After the baby was born, he falsely asserted that a DNA test had confirmed he wasn’t the father of the newborn son.
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