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Comedian Actress Rachel Feinstein Is A Proud Wife of FDNY’s Peter Brennan

FDNY's Peter Brennan and Rachel Feinstein are excited to embrace their role as a "fire-wife."

Rachel Feinstein, an American actress best known for her roles in films like Trainwreck, I Feel Pretty, and Top Five is married to a man from the NY Fire Department.

Feinstein is not only an accomplished American actress but also a renowned stand-up comedian who gained recognition as a finalist on season 7 of Last Comic Standing in 2010.


  • Feinstein’s husband, Peter Brennan, a Battalion Chief of the FDNY, is described as occasionally shy but appreciative of their unconventional lifestyle.
  • Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Feinstein also navigated pregnancy and motherhood with their daughter, Frankie, adding joy to their family life.
  • Despite having different careers, Feinstein finds happiness in her husband’s support and comfort in being featured in her comedy routines.

Feinstein released her debut comedy album, Thug Tears, in 2011, followed by her first comedy special, Only Whores Wear Purple, in 2016.

Her debut Netflix comedy special ‘Big Guy‘ is set to premiere on May 21, 2024.

In her latest comedy special, focused on the experiences of firefighter families, Feinstein offers a glimpse into her wonderfully hectic life as the spouse of a firefighter, a mother, and a stand-up comedian.

Even though Feinstein and her husband have totally different careers, Feinstein finds it gratifying that her husband is comfortable being featured in her comedy routines.

Feinstein describes her husband as occasionally shy but also appreciative of their unconventional lifestyle.

Rachel Feinstein Excited to Embrace Her Role as a ‘Fire-Wife’ to FDNY’s Peter Brennan

American comedian and actress Rachel Feinstein married Peter Brennan on September 8, 2018.

Brennan is a Battalion Chief of the New York City Fire Department. The comedian once said she was delighted to announce that she was a proud “fire-wife.”

“It’s a crazy feeling,” Feinstein tells Fox News about marrying her husband, Peter. “I certainly made some bad decisions, so I made the right stop.”

“I did it at the right time,” she mentioned on being married to Peter. “It’s fun. It feels correct. The ceremony was just hilarious… It was perfect. I’m excited to be a ‘fire-wife.’”

Feinstein, a native of Maryland, expresses immense pride in her husband’s profession.

She eagerly shares his title with everyone, including his rank on the couple’s save-the-date announcements.

She even put ‘Captain’ on the invitation and mentioned that people told her, ‘You’re not supposed to put his rank on the invitation.’

Both Feinstein and her husband are supportive and at ease with each other’s careers, as she mentioned.

“If you’re going to date a comedian, that’s part of it. It’s inevitable. I made that clear to him,” she says. “He encourages everyone to watch the Netflix special. I have a whole segment about him in my Netflix special… I think he enjoys it.”


Moreover, amidst the height of lockdowns and restrictions, the pandemic posed extra challenges for Feinstein, who was expecting her daughter, Frankie.

In a recent interview, Feinstein shared that their daughter seems to fear Brennan more, and he takes on the role of disciplining her.

Feinstein seems to have adeptly navigated the balancing act of career, family, and motherhood.

Additional Information

  • Rachel Feinstein’s close friend and fellow comedian Amy Schumer was her maid of honor.
  • Feinstein was raised in Bethesda, Maryland. Her father, Howard Feinstein, worked as a civil rights lawyer and blues musician, while her mother, Karen, pursued a career as a social worker.
  • Rachel’s father has roots in Russian and Polish Jewish heritage, while her mother, originally raised as a Methodist, converted to Judaism upon marrying her father.
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