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Producer Gordon Gray’s Daughter, Charlotte Gray Passed Away Following Batten Disease CLN6 At 13!

Gordon mentioned, "We had a perfect, beautiful, lovely daughter, Charlotte, who didn't get the life she deserved."

Charlotte Gray, the 13-year-old daughter of Hollywood producer Gordon Gray and his wife Kristen, passed away due to Batten disease CLN6.

At the time of her passing, Charlotte was surrounded by her parents, Gordon and Kristen, sister Gwenyth, and brothers Callan and Gavin.


  • Charlotte Gray, daughter of Hollywood producer Gordon Gray and Kristen Gray, passed away from Batten disease CLN6 at 13.
  • Her initial diagnosis at age 4 in 2015 came after experiencing speech and balance difficulties.
  • In 2016, Charlotte received a gene therapy trial involving a virus carrying the healthy CLN6 gene, aiming to halt disease progression.

Before Charlotte was diagnosed with the disease, Gordon Gray produced inspirational sports movies based on true stories featuring athletes.

However, Gray had to put his career on hold when he received news of the disease, which explained why Charlotte was starting to experience speech difficulties and balance issues.

Despite initial reassurances from doctors that Charlotte would be okay, an EEG revealed early signs of abnormal brain activity.

Unfortunately, it was mentioned that Charlotte had a rare condition, which her parents were informed affects approximately 10 children annually.

Charlotte was diagnosed with Batten disease at the age of 4 in 2015, and in addition to that, her younger sister Gwenyth was also diagnosed at the age of 2.

Kristen Gray expressed extreme devastation upon receiving this diagnosis but said that Charlotte maintained a positive outlook throughout their challenging health journey.

Charlotte Gray’s Battle with Batten Disease, A Decade of Courage, Breakthroughs, and Heartfelt Farewell!

Previously, the Grays were informed by doctors that this disease would progress throughout their daughters’ tween years (kids between 8-12), leaving them blind, immobile, cognitively impaired, and passing away between the ages of 6 and 12.

In 2016, a breakthrough occurred when Charlotte was treated with a gene therapy trial aimed at stopping the progression of the disease.

This treatment, involving the infusion of a virus carrying the healthy CLN6 gene into her brain, was praised as a significant advancement in combating Batten Disease.

Despite these efforts, Charlotte’s condition continued to deteriorate, showing the challenges and complexities of treating rare genetic disorders.

Charlotte Gray fought against Batten disease for nearly a decade before she passed away on July 5, 2024.

Television producer Gordon Gray and their wife Kristen Gray shared their daughter, Charlotte’s passing through the Facebook page for their Cure Batten foundation.

It’s with the heaviest heart that we share our sweet Charlotte. She has earned her angel wings. She was surrounded by family and so much love. It is not lost on us that as we celebrated Independence Day, Charlotte, too, regained her independence. She is set free from the restraints that #battendisease set upon her.

Cure Batten

Moreover, netizens have also expressed their heartfelt condolences to the Gray family during this difficult time, with one mentioning,

I’ve been following Charlotte from the beginning of her diagnosis. I always carried hope in my heart. We love you, Charlotte. You are finally free of pain. Rest easy, sweet girl. Thinking of you all. 💜

Jill Davis McArthur

The family plans to celebrate Charlotte’s life at Calvary Christian Church in the Pacific Palisades within the next month. They will confirm the exact date soon.

In the meantime, anyone impacted by the Grays and their continuous quest for a cure can donate to the Gray Foundation to Cure Batten.

Additional Information

  • As both sisters were diagnosed with this disease, it prompted their parents to advocate tirelessly for research and treatment advancements.
  • The Gray family became prominent in efforts to raise awareness and funds for Batten Disease research, founding The Charlotte & Gwenyth Gray Foundation to Cure Batten.
  • Gordon once mentioned his daughter Charlotte was “obsessed” with the animated film “Frozen.”
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