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Cassie Ventura’s Daughter Frankie Stone Fine Is A Celebrity Child

Cassie Ventura shared the first glimpses of her daughter Frankie Stone Fine’s face with sweet videos of little Frankie sleeping. 

Alex Fine posted a lengthy tribute to her daughter Frankie as she turned 4. 


  • Frankie Stone Frank was born to celebrity father Alex Fine and mother Cassie Ventura. 
  • She has one younger sister named Sunny Cinco Fine, born on March 22, 2020. 
  • Alex Fine mentioned Frankie as a sweet, kind, thoughtful, and funny kid. 

Sharing adorable photos, a family of four poses together for color and black-and-white photos, smiling sweetly. 

Frankie was born into a celebrity family and got an instant limelight. 

Cassie Ventura’s Daughter Frankie Stone Fine Is 4 Years Old

4 years old, Frankie Stone Fine was born on December 6, 2019, to father Alex Fine and mother Cassie Ventura.

She was born two months after her parents, Alex and Cassie Ventura, were married.

After her birth, Alex posted a photo of the family on Instagram, showing the smiling couple with wife Cassie Ventura holding the baby Frankie. He captioned,

“My greatest Loves,” he captioned in the post. “These two girls made me the luckiest man on earth. #TheFines”

She has one younger sisterSunny Cinco Fine, who was born on March 22, 2021. The age gap between Sunny and Frankie is 2 years.

Frankie has a grandmother named Stacey Hobson from her mother’s side.

On January 9, 2020, Frankie Stone Fine was seen in cowgirl gear and looked pretty cute.

Frankie’s father, Alex Fine, has mentioned her as a sweet, kind, thoughtful, and funny kid. In an Instagram post, he said,

Frankie Stone Fine is 4 today! Wrote her a letter before she was born and every word still rings true. Franks is the most sweet, kind, smart, and funny kid in the world and the best big sister. I Couldn’t love my three girls any more, but everyday my heart gets bigger and bigger with every laugh, hug, and kiss.

Her parents have kept her details from the media for privacy concerns as she is a celebrity daughter.

Additional Information

  • Frankie Stone Fine’s mother, Cassie Ventura, is a famous American actress, singer, model, and dancer, whereas her father, Alex Fine, is a personal trainer and entrepreneur.
  • Frankie was reportedly delivered at the L.A. County hospital and weighed 8 lbs, 4 oz at the time of delivery.
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