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Buying London’s Reme Nicole Looks Just Like Her Parents

Reme Nicole shares a heartwarming bond with her parents, too good to be true!

As Netflix’s Buying London is kicking off, one of its real estate advisors, Reme Nicole, is gaining utmost popularity for her early success and achievements.

Here, we will cover one of the few things that you are highly curious about her family and parents.


  • Despite being the youngest on Netflix’s Buying London, Reme Nicole has made a significant impact with her exceptional performance and social media presence.
  • Reme has a close and affectionate relationship with her father, describes herself as a daddy’s girl, and often shares their heartfelt interactions on TikTok.
  • Reme recently treated her mother to her first solo trip to Egypt, showcasing their close relationship and mutual liveliness.

Reme Nicole Urubusi is a real estate advisor in London, UK, specializing in prime real estate.

As an advisor, she assists clients in navigating the complexities of the London real estate market, known for its difficulty and stress.

Before appearing in the TV show Buying London, she was already an established social media enthusiast.

Despite being the youngest in the show, she demonstrated one of the outstanding performances as a realtor agent, highlighting her capability and keeping the entertainment going.

Reme and the DDRE Global team sold one of the finest houses in London, and her hot but awkward argument with fellow advisor Oli Hamilton had a strong impact on the audience.

Reme Nicole Is Vocal About Being A Daddy’s Girl

Reme Nicole is a famous TikTok user who shares her daily updates and has amassed a huge fan following of 209.7k in the past few years.

Although Reme’s father’s name has not been revealed, her TikTok posts show that they share a heartfelt bond.

To Reme, her dad is her everything, and she is quite vocal about being daddy’s girl.

In one of the videos she shared on TikTok, they can be seen saying

I love you, to each other in one of the most adorable ways.
Then, Reme asks her dad, “What is your favorite thing about me?”
And to this, he answers, “Everything about you, my love.”
He added, “You are lively and happier than most of us.”

Most of the viewers responded beautifully, describing the wonderful bond they share as a father and a daughter that most people aren’t blessed with.

One of the comments said, “Looks like a movie, its more beautiful because its REAL.”

Reme Recently Treated Her Mother To Her First Trip

Recently, the TikToker shared photos of her mom having a blast in Egypt with the caption,

Reminder its your parents’ first time being parents too

The trip was actually Reme’s treat so her mother could enjoy the luxury of having a solo trip, which was one of the wishes on her bucket list.

From the photos, we can see the striking resemblance between them.

In fact, Remee is a perfect blend of her parents, as she has inherited their facial features equally.

The realtor advisor acknowledged that she and her mother look the same.

Her mother often appears on her Daily in the Life TikTok videos, where they can be seen enjoying life to the fullest.

Reme’s mother is as adventurous as Reme, and her liveliness is most likely acquired from her mother.

Despite being raised in the U.K., she holds a Nigerian nationality, as she was born in Lagos, Nigeria, which hints at her African heritage.

This is because both her mother and father hail from Nigeria.

Additional Information

  • Reme Nicole’s net worth is estimated to be between $4.5 million.
  • Reme majored in Social Policy at the University of Nottingham and wanted to pursue a political career.
  • Previously, she was a chief communications officer for the Millenials Club for about 4.5 years.
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