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Bridgerton’s Bessie Carter Entangled In Multiple Dating Rumors

Bessie Carter, who portrays the role of Prudence Featherington, is rumored to be dating co-star Sam Phillips. Is the actress really dating her on-screen potential brother-in-law?

Bridgerton season 3 centers around the Bridgerton siblings and mainly focuses on Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton. It switches to a new storytelling dynamic.


  • Bessie Carter aka Prudence Featherington, is rumored to be dating her co-star Sam Phillips, who portrays Lord Debling in the Bridgerton series.
  • Although Bessie and Sam didn’t show on-screen chemistry, they were seen attending events together that sparked dating rumors.
  • In the past, Bessie was speculated to be dating Freddie Fox in 2023; before that, she was rumored to be dating Leonie Benesch.

Lady Featherington’s daughter Prudence is known for her off-key fashions and off-key singing who is set to be married off into the affluent society.

Bessie Carter is not a newbie to contributing to ensembles; she is best known for her multidimensional etiquette.

Bessie Carter Rumored To Be Dating Sam Phillips In Real Life

Sam Phillips portrays Lord Debling in the Bridgerton franchise, showing amazing chemistry and compatibility with Penelope, the other Bridgerton sibling.

Bridgerton season 3 covers Penelope’s search for a husband, where her potential love interest is highlighted to be Lord Debling.

Despite the series emphasizing Penelope’s romantic interest in Debling, dating rumors between Debling and the other Bridgerton, Prudence, ignited in real life.

They say there is no smoke without fire. The rumors sparked as the duo and Bessie’s mother were seen and photographed at multiple events, hinting at a family attending events together.

However, none have confirmed their relationship, and their agencies have remained tight-lipped about it.

Bessie Carter Most Likely Dated German Actress Leonie Benesch In The Past

Although Bessie’s relationship status has not been confirmed, it is not the first time that the actress found herself entangled in the dating speculations.

In 2023, she was spotted on a Lunch date with Freddie Fox in Soho on a Wednesday morning.

The media reacted to the news by describing two Nepo babies as teaming up and finding comfort in their celebrity backgrounds.

However, the news started diminishing as other sources couldn’t confirm it.

Similarly, some sources have reported her relationship with a German actress, Leonie Benesch.

The actresses were associated with the Anti-Racism Live organized by Peace One Day.

The event took place on 21st March 2022, and in a video, they shared their sense of pride and honor in being able to participate.

Perhaps their outstanding teamwork and amazing chemistry showcased during the event fuelled their dating rumors.

Despite all the rumors and viewers’ tremendous attention to Carter’s love life, her romantic ties cannot be guessed until credible sources confirm them officially.

Thus, for now, Bessie Carter is single.

Additional Information

  • For Bridgerton, Bessie Carter was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Awards in the categories of Outstanding Performance and Ensemble in a Drama Series.
  • Bessie Carter is the daughter of Downtown Abbey stars Imelda Staunton and Jim Carter.
  • Carter did not star in the series Death in Paradise Christmas Special 2023.
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