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Black Noir’s Imaginary Cartoon Friends Reveal His Traumatic Backstory: What Are Their Names?

Season 3, episode 7 of The Boys, witnessed the backstory of the mute, darkly costumed superhero Black Noir in the presence of his imaginary cartoon friends.

The episode starts with Noir at his secret hideout in a stranded kid’s restaurant called Buster Beaver’s Pizza Restaurant.


  • In Season 3, Episode 7 of “The Boys,” Black Noir’s imaginary cartoon friends, led by Buster Beaver, help him confront his past trauma and support him through difficult times.
  • The episode revealed Black Noir’s backstory, showing how he was severely injured and traumatized by Soldier Boy, which led to his mute and masked persona.
  • Instead of traditional flashbacks, the episode uses Black Noir’s hallucinations and animated friends to tell his story engaging and visually captivatingly.

Black escaped from Vought Tower after hearing that Soldier Boy had not pass away.

Noir chooses to remain silent and doesn’t share his anxiety with anyone, not even his close friend, Homelander.

Thus, he meets his imaginary cartoon friends in the hideout, hiding away from the world, who are better than his friends in the real world.

Their support was extraordinary and empowered Black Noir to heal his past wounds.

Black Noir’s Mythical Cartoon Friends Steal The Stage In The Boys Series, Season 3, Episode 7

Ten animated characters appeared in the imaginary world of Black Noir in the seventh episode of season 3.

One of the animated characters is Buster Beaver, who previously helped Noir in seventh grade with a Hard Rock Cafe massacre and boner.

He was the one who motivated Black to open up about his past trauma instead of bottling them up.

Buster promised to be with him in this hardship and to get through it together as a team.

Although the names of all the characters have not been revealed, they all played their roles well.

The incredible voice effects and the depiction of violence did a mind-blowing job of hooking the audience and empathizing with Noir through the traumatic incident.

Black Noir’s Animated Animal Friends Showed Support By Recreating The Incident That Left Him Traumatized

Black Noir is always seen with his mask on, and why he wears a mask was a complete mystery before The Boys season 3, episode 7 aired.

The stage set up for telling the Noir’s backstory, which doesn’t repeat the old storytelling techniques, is quite impressive.

Because the concept of showing straight flashbacks was already used in the initial episodes of the series, the directors came up with the idea of using his hallucination in telling the story this time.

This served the purpose and simultaneously provided entertainment to the viewers.

As Black ran away from his fears instead of facing them, his animated friends attempted to overcome them by bringing back the event.

Everything was replayed from top to bottom, revealing that the Soldier Boy was responsible for the disability and trauma Black Noir got.

Years ago, when Noir was courageous and stood up against Soldier Boy, he violently beat Noir.

Thus, Noir lost his capability of verbal communication and started to have random hallucinations.

Not only was he beaten, but Soldier Boy stuck his face on top of a burning car when the campsite was under explosion.

After the incident, Noir’s entire life changed; his face was disfigured. Consequently, his brain was impaired, and his mental age could never progress over 7 years.

This fatal attack took place after Soldier Boy learned about the conspiracy, where Noir joined hands with Payback.

They aimed to have Soldier Boy taken away by the Russians.

Additional Information

  • Before this episode aired, viewers had a dark, unapproachable, and secluded impression of Black Noir. However, after this episode, they started empathizing with the character and rooting for him.
  • The imaginary cartoon characters call Black Noir Irving/ Earving with love.
  • The twist in episode 7 revealed that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s biological father. This changed Soldier Boy’s intention of helping Butcher and Hughie in the series finale.
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