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TV sitcom ALF’s Actor, Benji Gregory, Married His College Sweetheart, Sarah Gregory!

Benji Gregory's wife, Sarah, was reportedly not with him in his last moments.

“Alf” actor Benji Gregory, who was found deceased in a Chase Bank parking lot in Arizona on June 13, 2024, was married to his wife, Sarah Gregory.

He was 46 years old when he took his last breath. His sister, Rebecca, confirmed this news a month later on Wednesday, according to TMZ.


  • Benji Gregory, the beloved ‘ALF’ actor, was tragically found deceased in a Chase Bank parking lot in Arizona on June 13, 2024.
  • Benji married Sarah Gregory in 2006. They met while he was at the Academy of Art College, and their relationship grew over the years.
  • Born into a family deeply rooted in acting, Benji’s father, Manny, uncle, and sister, Becky were all involved in the entertainment industry.

Benji Gregory was one of the lucky ones, as only a few individuals have the opportunity to star in Hollywood films at such a young age.

He began a promising acting career early on and appeared in numerous movies and TV series, including “ALF,” “Never Forget,” “Amazing Stories,” and “Punky Brewster.”

Benji Gregory Was Married To His College Love, Sarah Gregory!

Benji Gregory, best known as Brian Tanner on the 1980s TV sitcom “ALF,” married his sweetheart, Sarah Gregory, in 2006.

The couple met in 2000 while Benji attended the Academy of Art College. Their relationship blossomed during their college years, leading to their eventual marriage.

Following his successful stint in Hollywood, Gregory joined the Navy and served on the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70).

However, in 2005, he was honorably discharged from the Navy for medical reasons.

This transition turned out to be a significant turning point in his life, as he married Sarah shortly after completing his military service.

Despite the public nature of Gregory’s early career, he and Sarah kept their personal lives relatively private.

As a result, details about their life together and relationship status at the time of Gregory’s demise remain unclear.

Whether they were still together is unknown, and no verified sources have provided information about whether Benji and Sarah had any children.

Benji Gregory Was Born To Parents Manny and Patti Gregory & Had Strong Acting Roots!

Benji Gregory was born to parents Manny and Patty Gregory on May 26, 1978, in Encino, Los Angeles, California.

He comes from a family with a strong background in acting; his father, Manny, his uncle, and his sister, Becky, were all actors, while his grandmother served as his agent.

He also has a younger brother named Matthew.

Benji’s career in front of the camera began early. With striking blue eyes, he appeared in dozens of commercials as a child.

At age five, he started auditioning for television roles and quickly secured numerous parts.

Gregory’s notable early exposure to the entertainment industry set the stage for his successful acting career, which was proved by his iconic role in the TV sitcom ALF.

Additional Information

  • Benji Gregory’s net worth is reportedly around $3 million.
  • Gregory, along with his pet dog, were found deceased in his car in Peoria, Arizona. One source suggests apparent heatstroke as its cause.
  • His sister reported that Gregory had struggled with depression, bipolar disorder, and a sleep disorder.
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