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Bake Off Star Dawn Hollyoaks Partner Trevor And Family Expressed Deep Sorrow Over Her Passing

Dawn Hollyoaks was living with her partner Trevor.

Dawn Hollyoak’s husband and close ones are devastated by Dawn’s tragic loss at the age of 61.

According to her Instagram post, Dawn was suffering from a long-term illness.


  • The Great British Bake Off Star passed away at 61 following a long-term illness.
  • Dawn Hollyoaks was survived by her partner, Trevor, who had been tidying up the kitchen after Dawn.
  • Hollyoaks had three biological children, two step-children, and four grandchildren.

The Great British Bake Off Star’s passing was confirmed by her family on Instagram in a statement that read:

“It’s with a heavy heart we announce the passing of our star baker Dawn. Not only a wonderfully talented baker but first and foremost an amazing mother, grandmother, wife and friend. Dawn passed away peacefully surrounded by her family. We will miss her forever, but promise to continue her baking legacy!”

Moreover, Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood also sends his condolences through Instagram. He wrote,

 “I’m so sorry to hear that, send my love to the family a lovely lady x.” 

The fellow contestant Carole Edwards also wrote,

“I will miss my friend terribly, a beautiful and talented lady inside and out, fly high my friend, life just won’t be the same without you. Sending all my love to the family. Xx.”

Bake Off Star Dawn Hollyoaks Was Living With Her Partner Trevor

Following Dawn’s tragic passing, there has been increased interest in her personal life regarding marriage.

According to the official site of The Great British Bake Off, Dawn was survived by her partner Trevor.

Trevor is the self-styled person who tidies up the kitchen after Dawn. However, they were not married.

Dawn definitely had a previous relationship, as she has two step-children.

However, Hollyoaks has lived a private life throughout her career. Dawn was focused on her work, so she never revealed her husband on social media or in interviews.

Dawn Hollyoaks Shared Joyful Moments With Her Family

Dawn Hollyoaks was survived by her three biological children, two step-children, and four grandchildren.

On March 13, 2023, Dawn posted a photo of spending quality time with her son and granddaughter. She captioned,

Not much content to post over the weekend, just So busy with my family!Yes I did tons of cooking and baking but as you can imagine, no time at all to do all the usual staging and photographing!! We had the best time, finishing lunch with Paris-Brest for dessert.
My little granddaughter approved whole heartedly 💖💖She is a bundle of energy and joy! 💖💖

She revealed her daughter Belinda Hare through her Instagram on September 25, 2002, when they attended the Thame Food Festival.

Her grandson Olly also has an interest in cooking. Dawn posted a photo giving Olly tricks and a lesson for baking bugs. She captioned,

A quick Rough-Puff lesson for Olly. It’s such a pleasure when a young family member gets the baking bug! I’m only too pleased to share a few tips 😊. Very successful and the star pupil took a beautiful batch of pastry home to his mum! 

However, Dawn was very lucky to have a beautiful family who supported her and shared blissful moments with her.

Additional Information

  • Dawn Hollyoak had an estimated net worth of $200k at her passing.
  • Before participating in the baking reality show, she was an IT manager.
  • Hollyoaks was the eldest of three children. However, her sibling’s names are not disclosed.
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