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Anisha Kula Embracing Indian Ancestry on America’s Sweethearts Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Anisha is one of the first Indian-origin contenders on America's Sweethearts Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Anisha Kay is a multi-talented individual with Indian roots who is known for her expertise in dance, particularly Bollywood fusion.

She is a standout contestant on Netflix’s “America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders,” showcasing her exceptional talent.


  • Anisha Kay, also known as Anisha Kula or Karukulasuriya, has Indian heritage and South Asian roots.
  • On Instagram, she frequently shares photos in traditional Indian attire and creates videos as a content creator focused on Desi culture.
  • Born to father, Kushan Karukulasuriya, Anisha probably follows Hinduism.

Anisha has made waves in the entertainment industry with her dynamic dance skills.

Her “Bollyfusion” style, which merges traditional Bollywood dance with contemporary elements, has earned her acclaim and a dedicated following online.

Anisha Kula Has Possible South Asian Background With Indian Origin

Anisha Kula, also known as Anisha Kay or Karukulasuriya, is a dancer based in LA who appears to have a South Asian heritage, likely with Indian ancestry.

She was born to her parents, Kushan Karukulasuriya, and her mother (whose name is yet to be revealed). Talking about Anisha’s religion, she likely follows Hinduism.

On her Instagram, she frequently shares photos in traditional Indian attire and creates videos as a content creator focused on Desi culture.

Her wedding festivities were rich with Indian traditions, documented thoroughly on her social media platforms.

The dance at Anisha’s wedding, especially her father Kushan’s energetic performance, quickly made Anisha and her dad a beloved father-daughter duo on the internet.

While details about her current location in India remain undisclosed, she has significantly showcased her Indian heritage through her impressive dance performances and content.

Moreover, her participation shows a significant cultural milestone as one of the first individuals of South Asian descent to compete for a spot in the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad.

Unfortunately, during the second round of auditions, she encountered difficulties and sustained a serious ankle injury while performing the kicking part of her routine.

This setback ultimately prevented her from making it into the final Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders team.

Additional Information

  • Anisha’s cheerleading experience includes cheering for the Golden State Warriors and the San Francisco 49ers. In addition to her cheerleading pursuits, Anisha excels as an accomplished orthodontist.
  • Anisha obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of South California in 2014 and studied dentistry at the University of California, San Francisco, from 2015 to 2019.
  • Anisha’s husband, Rohan Sebastian, is a former captain of the Irish gymnastics team and a physician. They live together in Los Angeles.
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