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The Chosen Actor Luke Dimyan Embraces Egyptian Ethnicity

Luke Dimyan's family history traces back to Egyptian roots.

Many have wondered if Luke Dimyan, an actor based in Los Angeles, has Middle Eastern heritage due to his distinctive eyes in movies and TV shows.

In The Chosen Season 3, Luke Dimyan portrays Judas, one of Jesus Christ’s disciples whose path takes a dramatic turn.


  • Luke revealed his ethnic roots of being an Egyptian in a Facebook post.
  • Based on the surname “Dimyan,” it is likely that Luke Dimyan has Armenian heritage.
  • Luke Dimyan’s agency identifies him as ethnically multiracial Middle Eastern.

Familiar viewers of Jesus’ life understand that Judas will betray him for 30 pieces of silver, a pivotal event leading to Christ’s Crucifixion.

Dimyan, recognized for roles in “Home Invasion” and “Better Things,” brings his talent to this transformative role in the series.

He has also played significant roles in short movies like Lift, Chubby Bunny, The L Bombs, and Roomies.

Luke Dimyan Boasts Egyptian Heritage

Once, the actor Dimyan took to Facebook to share his family ancestor with the virtue of his cat.

Luke Dimyan’s Facebook post about a cat recognizing his Egyptian heritage and honoring him with a friendly perch highlights his connection to Egyptian ancestry.

Similarly, the surname “Dimyan” suggests an Armenian origin.

Surnames often reflect familial and cultural heritage, and “Dimyan” is a surname commonly associated with Armenian ethnicity.

Therefore, based on the surname “Dimyan,” it is likely that Luke Dimyan has Armenian heritage.

However, both Armenian and Egyptian heritages are distinct in terms of ethnic origin, cultural practices, religious affiliations, and historical backgrounds.

Even Luke Dimyan’s agency identifies him as ethnically multiracial Middle Eastern, hinting that his family could have both Egyptian and Armenian ancestral tales.

Luke Dimyan Shares Close-knit Relationship With Family

The actor’s Instagram feed includes the backdrops of movie sets, pictures with co-stars, and having a fun time with family.

Once, he took to Instagram to wish his mum Mother’s Day, stating that she needed to be pampered for what she had been.

Moreover, he has a robust bond with his sisters, Tabitha and Michelle.

One of his siblings, Tabitha, has a bachelor’s of computer science, summa cum laude.

Luke Dimyan often shares pictures of his family, expressing how much he misses them while away on shoots abroad.

Additional Information

  • Luke is also notable as a writer for Common Room and Infernal Realities, which premiered in 2018 and 2019.
  • Jim Carrey’s The Mask got him into acting. He has also been a fan of Looney Tunes since childhood.
  • The actor, Luke, has an estimated networth of $2 million as of 2024.
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