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Stavros Halkias Opens Up About His Struggles with Sleep Apnea and Mental Health

Stavros Halkias took a break from comedy due to mental health issues.

Comedian Stavros Halkias gained national attention as one of the first co-hosts of the Cum Town podcast.

He is an American stand-up comedian and podcaster who has been active since the early 2010s. Let’s explore his illness more.


  • Comedian Stavros Halkias suffered from sleep apnea and started drinking too much water.
  • He took a break from comedy due to his mental health issues.
  • He is healthy as of 2024 and hosts Stavvy’s World podcasts.

35 years old Stavros Halkias was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on February 11, 1989.

He grew up with Greek immigrant parents. His father was Athenian, and his mother was Macedonian.

Stavros played football at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

He started his comedy career at UMBC, where he hosted a monthly comedy showcase. In 2012, he was named Baltimore’s New Comedian of the Year.

Later, Stavros moved to New York City and made several guest appearances on radio and podcasts.

His first comedy special, “Live at the Lodge Room,” was posted on his YouTube page in 2022. In just three weeks, it received two million views.

Stavros Halkias Suffered From Sleep Apnea

Stavros Halkias believes he is suffering from an illness. He has referred to himself as “sick as shit” in a tweet in 2017.

Also, he mentioned that his immigrant doctor called him gay for drinking too much water. It suggests that he may have a medical condition that is affecting his body’s water balance.

Halkias has also been open about sleep apnea and discussed how it has affected his life on social media.

Although it’s not exactly clear what the nature of his illness is, he has not shared any further details about it.

Going through his Instagram, he might have also suffered from weight gain problems, but he transformed it into a comedy. Moreover, he is noted as a body-positivity activist.

Stavros Halkias Took A Break Due To Mental Health

Comedian Stavros Halkias is known for his outspokenness and willingness to discuss mental health issues.

In a video titled Why Stavros Halkias is taking a break from comedy, he discusses his struggles with depression and anxiety and how they affect his ability to perform.

His empathetic and mindful approach to humor has earned him a cult following and critical acclaim.

Overall, it is safe to say that Stavros Halkias took a break from his career for personal reasons, including his health struggles.

His fans and admirers have expressed their support and well-wishes for his recovery on various social media platforms.

Nontheless, he also suffered from Covid in October 2023, which forced him to cancel his shows in Detroit and Grand Rapids.

As of 2024 Stavros Halkias seems to be healthy.

In recent months, he has been active on social media and has also been promoting his comedy specials, such as The Fat Rascal, on Netflix.

Similarly, he has been engaged in the podcast Stavvy’s World, which he started back in 2022.

Additional Information

  • Stavros Halkias worked as an intern for Marc Steiner’s Center for Emerging Media while studying at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
  • Netflix released his second special, Stavros Halkias: Fat Rascal, in December 2023.
  • He is a huge fan of Baltimore Ravens and Olympiacos F.C.
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