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Spencer Milligan’s Multifaceted Career and Finances Soaring in Millions

Spencer Milligan has lived a lavish life alongside his wife, Kerry.

Spencer Milligan, an American actor best known for portraying Rick Marshall in the 1970s Saturday morning series “Land of the Lost,” has amassed a substantial net worth.

A long-time Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin resident, Spencer was skilled at developing new and imaginative ideas. He worked as a producer, writer, director, and actor.


  • With an estimated net worth exceeding $5 million, Spencer Milligan achieved financial success through his extensive career in entertainment.
  • Milligan gained prominence for his portrayal of Rick Marshall in the popular 1970s children’s TV series “Land of the Lost,” a role that brought him to international fame.
  • Spencer Milligan and his wife, Kerry Milligan, lived on a 110-acre farm near Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, for over three decades, cherishing the privacy and tranquility of the location.

He performed on stages nationwide and had notable roles in national commercials, broadcast and cable television, and feature films.

His career spanned several decades and included various significant roles in both television and film.

However, Spencer took his last breath on April 18, 2024, at 86. The cause of his passing has not been disclosed.

Land of the Lost Star, Spencer Milligan’s Impressive Career and Substantial Gains

Spencer Milligan, an acclaimed American actor known worldwide for his notable roles, has an estimated net worth above $5 million.

Milligan’s career began with notable appearances in films like Woody Allen’s Sleeper (1973) and The Photographer (1974).

However, he gained prominence for his role as Rick Marshall, the father figure in the popular 1970s children’s TV series ‘Land of the Lost.’

In addition to acting, Spencer showcased his versatility by directing local theater productions, demonstrating his passion and skill in multiple creative domains.

Spencer lived a lavish life with his wife, Kerry Milligan, on a 110-acre farm overlooking the water near Sturgeon Bay, Wis., which they’ve had for the past 33 years.

He mentioned that they cherished the privacy and serenity the location offered, saying,

We love it because we have all this privacy.

Spencer Milligan

In 2009, Milligan explained that even though the “Land of the Lost” acclaimed him immense fame, he left it after the second season due to a disagreement with the show’s producers.

Specifically, he sought compensation through merchandising profits or royalties generated by the series. He mentioned,

We had a difference of opinion, let’s put it this way, on using my face for stuff and paying me—lunch boxes, compasses—where they were selling them, and I thought it was only fair that everyone should get their fair share.

Spencer Milligan

Even after leaving the show, Milligan’s dedication to his work in television, film, and national commercials brought him praise worldwide.

In his last twenty years, he focused on his passion for theater in his community. He taught classes and directed plays at Third Avenue Playworks (TAP).

His directorial credits include Tennessee Williams’ plays, The One-Act Plays, and Gerald Plummer’s Billy Sunday, featuring Mark Matey.

Through these projects, his dedication to the community and passion for theater left a lasting influence that will be remembered for years to come.

Additional Information

  • Spencer Milligan deeply cherished his wife, Kerry Milligan, whom he met in August 1991 in Sturgeon Bay and married in December 2002.
  • Spencer received training at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, the Joan Darling Actors Workshop in Los Angeles, and the Lee Strasberg Senior Workshop in New York.
  • He and his wife, Kerry Milligan, were godparents to Andee Solis, Hilary Williams, and Spencer Williams (who refer to him as Kunk).
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