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So Help Me Todd Skyrocketed Madeline Wise Popularity

Madeline Wise advanced from a minor actress to landing major gigs after her portrayal in So Help Me Todd.

After two successful seasons, So Help Me Todd has been canceled. CBS also dropped a bombshell about ending several other shows, including Bob Hearts Abishola, Young Sheldon, and Blue Bloods.

While the content might have collapsed somewhere in the middle, So Help Me Todd had the potential to turn things around. The audience loved the show and rated it 86% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Key Takeaways

  • Madeline Wise portrays Margaret Wise’s daughter, Allison Grant, in So Help Me Tood.
  • Madeline Wise has a loving family behind the scenes, with parents Jim and Mollie Collison Wise.
  • After starring in So Help Me Todd, the actress rose to prominence and has been with the show since the beginning.

Fans are campaigning to save the series and have petitioned CBS to reconsider canceling it. They want their beloved family drama to continue on television.

The comedy-drama has a stellar cast of Marcia Gay Harden, Skylar Astin, Tristen J. Winger, and Madeline Wise.

A Rising Star On Horizon: Search For Madeline Wise Wikipedia Intensifies

Though So Help Me Todd’s run was short, it helped build the careers of many of its stars, including Madeline Wise, who portrays Allison Grant in the show.

After portraying minor roles in Evil, Star Trek: Picard, Over/Under, Single Drunk Female, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Wise made her breakthrough with So Help Me Todd.

The actress has been in the series since its pilot in 2022. The review team of Departure Film found that the audience sympathizes with her when she is caught in the protagonists’ bickering and drama.

Although Madeline’s character grew up in a dysfunctional family, she has a stable job and is progressing in the harsh legal world.

Behind the scenes, Wise is seen hanging out with her mother, Mollie Collison Wise. She loves her mom and constantly talks about her admiration for the lady.

From The Italian Reve Interview

Shockingly, Madison Wise’s father, Jim Wise, is in jail. She once urged her fans to donate to help those whose dads are in prison.

A Marriage In Distress: Madeline Wise Divorces Her On-Screen Husband

At first, the reviewer and everyone thought that Allison Grant had it all: a stable career, a caring sibling, and a happy marriage. Or is it?

Grant’s marriage came crashing down after her husband Chuck was implicated in a cash prize giveaway for his hockey team, the Portland Widows.

While others tried to help Chuck escape this situation, his naive personality made the case severe. His gullible personality frustrated Allison, who realized their personalities were in stark contrast.

At the end of the episode, it’s revealed that Allison only married Chuck to please her mother, Margaret Wise (Marcia Gay Harden). Eventually, she decides to escape from her mom’s shadow and discover herself.

You can catch the latest So Help Me Todd episodes on CBS at 9 PM on Thursdays.

Additional Information

  • Madeline Wise has a BA from Bard College and attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.
  • The actress founded the New Saloon Theater Collective.
  • While she was married in the CBS series, Madeline Wise’s boyfriend/partner remains anonymous in real life.
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