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Rusty Golden Lifelong Passion For Music Ignited From A Young Age

From not releasing songs to making it to the top of the Billboard charts, Rusty Golden's journey is documented on wikipedia.

Rusty Golden followed in his father William Lee Golden’s footsteps and carved out a successful country and gospel music career.

Like his father, Rusty Golden was known for his talents as a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist.

He had contributed significantly to the music industry, carrying on the family legacy with his unique style and genre contributions.


  • Rusty Golden became a skilled drummer at the age of 12.
  • Then, he switched to piano and played it on Gatlin’s album “Love Is Just a Game” in 1977.
  • By 1985, Rusty along with his brother Chrisstarted a project with gospel singer Marc Speer, known as Golden Speer.

In 2023, Rusty Golden achieved a significant milestone in his career when he received the Keyboard Player of the Year award at the Josie Music Awards ceremony.

As part of The Goldens and in his solo endeavors, Rusty performed on music variety shows and made guest appearances on programs featuring country and gospel music.

Rusty Golden Followed The Footsteps Of His Father William Lee Golden

Rusty Golden was born William Lee Golden Jr. on January 3, 1959, in Brewton, AL.

He got his nickname “Rusty” as a baby, which stuck with him.

He showed musical talent early, becoming a skilled drummer by age 12.

The country singer grew up with his brothers  Craig, Chris, and Solomon Golden to parents William Lee Golden and Frogene Normand.

Rusty played professionally with The Rambos, featuring songwriter Dottie Rambo, by age 13.

His musical journey significantly turned when he attended an Elton John concert in 1972.

Inspired by Elton John, Rusty switched from drums to piano.

By the time he was 17, he was touring with country star Larry Gatlin, playing piano on Gatlin’s album “Love Is Just a Game” in 1977.

Rusty also contributed as a session musician on Marty Stuart’s album “The Pilgrim” in 1999, among many other recording projects throughout his career.

In the early 1980s, Rusty Golden co-founded The Boys Band, a country-rock group whose debut album featured the minor pop hit “Don’t Stop Me Baby (I’m on Fire).”

In 1984, he earned an RIAA Gold Record for his songwriting on ‘The Oak Ridge Boys‘ album “Bobbie Sue.”

By 1985, Rusty started a project with gospel singer Marc Speer, known as Golden Speer, joined by Rusty’s brother Chris.

Although their CBS Records project went unreleased, Rusty and Chris continued as The Goldens, signing with Epic Records in 1986.

They released singles like “Put Us Together Again” and “Sorry Girls,” which charted on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs in 1988.

Despite recording an album, it was shelved and never officially released.

Rusty Golden’s Fate Shrined With Capitol Records

After signing with Capitol/SBK Records, The Goldens released their album “Rush for Gold” in 1990, which included the country-charting single “Keep the Faith.”

Following a quadruple bypass surgery, Rusty Golden returned to his gospel roots.

He wrote songs like “What Salvation’s Done for Me” for The Booth Brothers and “I Want to Thank You” for Karen Peck & New River.

In addition to these songwriting contributions, Rusty released two solo albums: “Angels,” which focused on Christian themes, and “Sober,” which centered around recovery themes.

These albums reflected 65 years of Rusty Golden’s journey and dedication to the gospel music industry.

Additional Information

  • In 2020-21, Rusty Golden, his brothers, and their father, William Lee Golden, formed a musical group called The Goldens.
  • An editor, Paige Pulichio, took to Instagram to announce that Rusty Golden was getting married but didn’t mention his wife
  • Rusty Golden net worth is approx $ 5 million, while his father, William Lee Golden, sums up to $10 million
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