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Buying London Rasa Bagdonaviciute Parents, Mother Janina Bagdonaviciene And Undisclosed Father

Rasa Bagdonaviciute's real estate journey intertwines with her mother Janina's supportive presence.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute is a real estate agent and one of the stars of the new Netflix reality show “Buying London.”

Buying London has recently premiered on Netflix, and we are captivated by the stunning houses and intense drama. Advisor Rasa, in particular, has been exceptionally engaging.


  • Rasa’s influence extends beyond the screen, as she serves as an ambassador for Locals.org, showcasing her extensive connections in the world of luxury real estate in London.
  • While details about her father are scarce, Rasa remains grounded and maintains a close relationship with her mother, Janina Bagdonaviciene.
  • Despite her young age, Rasa’s achievements in the real estate industry are remarkable, positioning her as a rising star with boundless potential for future success.

She is a part of the team led by luxury property mogul Daniel Daggers, helping wealthy clients find and acquire high-end properties in the London market.

She is mostly known for getting into heated situations. Unafraid to share her opinions, Rasa frequently clashed with fellow castmate Lauren Christy, captivating viewers.

Rasa is an ambassador for Locals.org and is described as “insanely connected” in the world of luxury real estate in London.

While she is confident in her real estate expertise, many fans are eager to learn more about Rasa and her parents.

Rasa Bagdonaviciene’s Mother Janina Bagdonaviciene, The Pillar Behind Her Amazing Success In Real-Estate

Rasa Bagdonaviciute was born around the year 1989 to her mother, Janina Bagdonaviciene, and a father whose name has not been revealed yet.

Originally from Lithuania, she is currently 35-years old and has lived in several places around the world.

Based on her social media, Rasa shares a close bond with her mother. Recently, she posted a delightful picture of herself and her mom visiting Dubai to celebrate Mother’s Day.

As her mother appears at multiple events with her, talking about her father, there is no mention of his name or whereabouts anywhere on her social sites.

After growing up in Lithuania, Bagdonaviciute worked as a property consultant in Dubai before moving to the United Kingdom.

A Rising Star, Rasa Bagdonaviciute, Taking Heights in Real Estate at a Young Age

Rasa is no stranger to real estate reality TV. She joined DDRE Global as a Prime Real Estate Advisor in 2022 and has worked there ever since.

In 2023, she also starred in Channel 4’s Selling Super Houses, a competition show where eight contestants faced challenges to demonstrate their real estate knowledge.

Although she did not win, Rasa is back on the big screen with Buying London to showcase her skills.

Talking about her studies, after studying international law at a university in Lithuania, Rasa graduated in 2011.

Her LinkedIn profile indicates that she had one other role in the property sector, but before joining Daniel’s team, she primarily worked in customer relations.

Recently, she disclosed that she has enrolled in a real estate finance and economics course at the London School of Economics.

She described the experience as “demanding,” especially since English is not her first language, but she expressed determination, stating,

“I’m navigating a critical period of personal and professional growth, aiming to catch up and hopefully lead in my field.”

Furthermore, despite her young age, Rasa has already established a successful real estate career with plenty of room for growth.

Additional Information

  • Rasa is a luxury real estate advisor with over 10 years of experience working with ultra-high-net-worth clients.
  • She is part of the “Team DRDRE” at the upscale London real estate firm Druce.
  • In the first episode of “Buying London,” Rasa got into a heated argument with her co-worker Lauren, sparking a “favoritism” controversy among the real estate agents.
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