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Pepe Herrera’s Parenting Journey with Wife Sarah Mallari and Their Children, Payapa and Pepito

As a devoted family man, Pepe Herrera is always eager to come home and cherishes precious moments with his wife, Sarah, and their children.

Pepe Herrera is a Filipino actor and IT engineer. He is an actor represented by Star Magic, a talent management agency in the Philippines.

Herrera has appeared in several television shows and movies, though he is selective about taking on straight horror roles.


  • Pepe Herrera is married to Sarah Mallari, an entrepreneur, with whom he shares a fulfilling personal life.
  • The couple has two children together: Payapa, around 3 years old, and Pepito, born more recently.
  • Herrera credits his wife for helping him become a better person and acknowledges her as his greatest teacher in marriage.

From his early years, Pepe Herrera harbored a passion for performing, a dream that propelled him to pursue a Music degree at the University of Santo Tomas.

His breakthrough came with his role as Tolits in the renowned musical Rak of Aegis, which caught the attention of ABS-CBN’s Chief Content Officer, Charo Santos.

This marked his transition into the mainstream acting arena. Besides his remarkable career in both acting and the IT field, he also enjoyed a fulfilling personal life with his wife.

Let’s take a closer look at what we know about the actor’s wife and children.

Pepe Herrera’s Love Story, A Journey with His ‘Non-Showbiz’ Wife, Sarah Mallari

Pepe Herrera is married to his longtime girlfriend, Sarah Mallari. They are blessed with two kids together.

According to her Instagram bio, Herrera’s wife, Sarah, is a visual artist and a designer.

Mallari, a freelance designer and artist, was born in 1989 in Manila. She finds inspiration in the city’s vibrant culture and dynamic energy.

She is not from the entertainment industry herself and is referred to as Pepe Herrera’s “non-showbiz wife.”

Herrera has always credited his wife for helping him become a better person.

He acknowledges that he is still learning to be a husband and considers his spouse his greatest teacher in this aspect. He stated,

I can confidently say that I am a better person and becoming a ‘betterer’ person because of her.


While Pepe Herrera and his wife both enjoy exploring new experiences and have a mutual love for comedy, his wife’s more serious nature provides a balance in their relationship.

Nonetheless, being together is a grounding experience for both of them.

Pepe Herrera And Sarah Are Blessed With Two Kids, Payapa And Pepito

Pepe and Sarah have two children together – a daughter named Payapa, now around 4 years old, and a son named Pepito, born more recently.

Sarah gave birth to their first child, daughter Payapa, on June 14, 2020. At the time, Pepe Herrera and Sarah were in a relationship but not yet married.

However, by June 2020, they were already referred to as husband and wife.

When it comes to his role as a father, he embodies a bit of everything—he can be serious or humorous and also serve as a disciplinarian.

However, he sees himself more as providing comfort and understanding.

His wife tends to take on the disciplinarian role, but he steps in when necessary, especially if their child is involved in something that requires a reminder or guidance.

Pepe, the lead actor in the Philippine version of South Korea’s famous film My Sassy Girl, alongside Toni Gonzaga, affectionately describes his daughter as his “real-life sassy girl.”

Pepe is receptive to supporting his children’s aspirations in showbiz if they express interest in following a similar path to his own.

While still learning to navigate his role as a husband, Pepe regards his spouse as his most significant source of wisdom and guidance.

Additional Information

  • Pepe Herrera, the versatile actor, was concerned upon discovering that fake news about his death was circulating on TikTok.
  • Taking his Facebook page, Pepe reassured his fans and friends of his well-being, stating, “I’m alive and I’ll be 100 years old God willing.”
  • Pepe also had a message for the individual responsible for spreading the death hoax, offering blessings and guidance from the “Lords of Karma.”
  • Pepe previously disclosed that he struggled with depression in 2017 and subsequently took a break from the entertainment industry.
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