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Nelma Kodama’s Love Life, From Alberto Youssef to Rowles Magalhães

The MPF requested an investigation into Nelma Kodama's romantic journey with Magalhães in 2019.

Nelma was a notorious black-market currency trader in Brazil involved in a major corruption scandal.

Born in 1942, Kodama immigrated to Japan in the 1960s and became a prominent figure in the Japanese underworld.


  • Nelma Kodama gained notoriety as a black-market currency trader involved in a major corruption scandal in Brazil.
  • Nelma’s romantic life has been tumultuous, involving relationships with fellow money changer Alberto Youssef and lobbyist Rowles Magalhães.
  • Born in 1942, details about her immediate family members, such as her parents or siblings, are not prominently featured in the documentary.

She was involved in a vast smuggling operation, facilitating the illegal entry of Brazilian immigrants into Japan.

In 1999, Kodama was arrested on charges of smuggling and money laundering, eventually being convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Her case garnered significant media attention and highlighted issues surrounding immigration and organized crime in Japan.

A new Netflix documentary series titled “Nelma Kodama: The Queen of Dirty Money” features Nelma Kodama as the central figure or “star.”

This real-life docuseries delves into her life story and the events surrounding her involvement in illegal currency activities, showing viewers her experiences and the impact of her actions.

João Wainer directs Nelma Kodama: The Queen of Dirty Money.

Nelma Kodama Dated The Lobbyist Rowles Magalhães After Breaking Up With Fellow Money Exchanger Alberto Youssef

Nelma Kodama’s love life has been filled with ups and downs. She was initially in a relationship with Alberto Youssef, her fellow money changer.

After serving time in prison, she got back together with him. However, things took a turn when lobbyist Rowles Magalhães started showing interest in her on Instagram.

This led Nelma to end her relationship with Youssef and start dating Magalhães instead.

Shortly after celebrating the release of her prison memoir, Nelma faced unexpected trouble from Lava Jato.

Fifteen prosecutors asked for an investigation into her romantic trip to Europe with Magalhães from October 2nd to 15th, 2019.

Since Nelma assists Lava Jato as a whistleblower, she had to inform the Federal Court about her travel plans.

Since she left Brazil, the prosecutors demanded details on who funded the trip within ten days and requested receipts for all expenses, including flights.

They mentioned Nelma’s past involvement in financial crimes as the reason for the inquiry.

Nelma explained that Magalhães paid for everything as a birthday present because she had no money. According to Nelma, she and the lobbyist went on a honeymoon trip.

He paid for everything because I have no money. Lava Jato left me in penury. This trip was a birthday present. I love him with passion.

O Globo

Her current relationship status remains a mystery, and whether they are still together is unclear.

Nelma Kodama, From Modest Beginnings to Infamy as the “Queen of Dirty Money”

Nelma Kodama, a notorious Brazilian black-market currency trader, rose to infamy due to her involvement in a significant corruption scandal.

Despite her humble family background, she was drawn to the lucrative world of illegal money laundering and currency trading.

Her involvement in the black market currency trade was not just a side gig; it was a major role that earned her the moniker ‘Queen of Dirty Money’ in the context of a significant Brazilian corruption scandal.

However, details about her immediate family members remain undisclosed, and despite having an active Instagram account with over 5,000 followers, Nelma has yet to share pictures of her family on the platform.

Additional Information

  • Kodama amassed significant wealth through her illegal currency trading activities and involvement in corruption schemes.
  • Nelma Kodama gained notoriety when she attempted to board a flight at Guarulhos airport with 200 thousand euros, leading to her arrest by the Federal Police.
  • On June 20, 2016, Nelma Kodama was released from custody and placed under house arrest after signing a plea bargain agreement with the Federal Public Ministry (MPF).
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