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Fred Omondi Pursued Comedy With A Style All His Own Apart From Brother Eric

Eric Omondi's brother, Fred Omond's brother was a Comedian.

Popular comedian Eric Omondi’s brother Fred Omondi passed away in a tragic accident on 15 June 2024.

Eric Omondi is a prominent comedian and actor from Kenya. He gained fame by debuting in the comedy show Churchill Show, which aired on NTV.


  • Fred was born in Kisumu, Kenya, as the youngest child in a family headed by a senior police inspector.
  • He had three siblings: Joseph Omondi, who passed away in 2018, Eric Omondi, and a sister named Irene, who lives in Germany.
  • Fred came to Nairobi after finishing his education.

Recently, Eric Omondi has been in the news due to the death of his younger brother, Fred Omondi. His brother’s death has left him emotionally distraught.

Former Churchill Show comedian Fred Omondi has died in a road accident, according to a police report.

Fred was on a bodaboda on Kangundo Road at around 6 a.m. Saturday when he was involved in a head-on collision with a speeding bus.

Beyond his comedy career, Eric Omondi has also been vocal about political issues, such as the Finance Bill in Kenya.

In addition to his comedy and political activism, Eric Omondi has a close friendship with fellow comedian Terence Creative, as indicated by Terence Creative’s tribute video for Fred Omondi.

Fred Omondi Familial Ties Remained Strong Amidst Tragedy

Born and raised in Kisumu, Kenya, Fred, who looks around 30, was the youngest child in a family led by a senior police inspector.

He had three siblings: Joseph Omondi, who sadly died in 2018, Eric Omondi, and a sister named Irene, who lives in Germany.

The Omondi family also included several step-siblings. Despite losing their parents at a young age, Fred and his siblings remained close.

After their parents’ deaths, Eric took on the role of the family’s breadwinner while still in high school, caring for Fred.

In a personal interview, Fred revealed he was a father to one daughter, maintaining a close relationship with her despite not being married.

Fred Omondi Journey From An Impactful Comedian To Kenya’s Top Club Emcee

Fred’s comedic talent was influenced by his upbringing with his brother Eric and their humorous father.

Determined to shape his own path, Fred moved to Nairobi after completing his education.

He developed a unique comedic style, incorporating creative rhymes, which he showcased on the Churchill Show.

His distinct approach gained him recognition, helping him transition to a successful career as a club emcee.

Fred became one of Kenya’s top club emcees, known for his energetic performances, and was consistently booked throughout the year.

His Instagram posts frequently highlighted his gigs, with his last performance at Da Palace Lounge in Kisumu.

He was eagerly anticipating events in Meru on June 15-16, 2024, before his untimely death.

In addition, Fred also worked on a TV show project called ‘Black and White’ in 2019, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment industry.

His tragic passing has left a void in the Kenyan comedy scene and among his family and fans.

Additional Information

  • Eric, who always cross-dresses and wears wigs and cosmetics to the delight of many, announced during a live Instagram session with Daddy Owen that he is straight.
  • Eric Omondi has an estimated net worth of $1 million.
  • Friends and celebrities who performed alongside him took to social media to mourn his demise of Fred.
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