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Matt Gehring And Shaina Taub’s Playful Relationship Led To Happy Marriage

Shaina Taub signifies her husband Matt as the best thing happened in her life.

In the 77th Tony Awards 2024, Shaina Taub bagged the Best Book of a Musical for Suffs, dragging her into the limelight after a long time.

While receiving the award, she delivered a special acceptance speech acknowledging her husband, Matt Gehring, describing him as the love of her life and the one who always makes her laugh.


  • Shaina Taub and Matt Gehring started dating in 2009. Their first date involved seeing paranormal activity, hinting that their weird interests aligned.
  • Matt Gehring is a versatile talent known for acting, producing, and directing, with notable roles in TV shows and upcoming projects like “The Sound Guy.”
  • After getting to know each other for years, they married in 2016 and continue supporting each other personally and professionally in the entertainment industry.

Thus, the limelight has shifted to her husband and their marriage timeline as viewers and fans are curious to know more about their married life.

In addition, Shaina was nominated for the Best Original Score category and won successfully.

In June 2020, Shaina was arrested along with her husband, Matt Gehring, because they were clapping for peaceful protestors at their front doorstep in NYC.

According to the police, they disobeyed the curfew, although they were a few steps ahead of their apartment door.

She openly spoke up about her being handcuffed and how she fell victim to the brutal and unjust system that still discriminates against people based on their skin color.

Her advocacy put her in the spotlight, and yet again, she is being praised for her spectacular work and authenticity.

Matt Gehring Is A Renowned Multifaceted Talent In The Entertainment Industry

Matt Gehring is also an actor, producer, writer, and director whose work can be seen on Comedy Central, Netflix, and stages all over New York.

He has created over 100 comedy shows, mainly specializing in shaping original work from scratch, from the idea generation stage to the final product, ready to be served.

Throughout his career, he has acted in various movies and TV shows. However, he is best known for Set It Up (2018), The Tick (2016), and The Sound Guy.

The Sound Guy is one of his most anticipated projects. It has reached the post-production stage and will be released in 2025.

Gehring started his acting career in 2006 when he played a fictional character of his name for the short film The Study Lounge, followed by another story film, Him, her, and Them, in 2011.

After that, he appeared in one of the episodes of the 2012 TV series Louie.

In addition, he has also voiced the character Finney in the video game Red Dead Redemption II in 2018.

One of his remarkable roles is Larry in the TV series The Tick, where he appeared in four episodes and significantly impacted the storyline.

Matt, along with his wife Shaina, has created a play called Shiz: Broadway Meets Sketch Comedy, showcasing their professional collaboration for the art they both love to do.

Matt Gehring And Shaina Taub Are Deeply In Love Even After 7 Years of Marriage

Matt Gehring and Shaina Taub started dating in 2009, and their first date was observing paranormal activity together.

To this, Shaina says, it has never been normal ever since, and she wouldn’t have it another way.

The couple dated for seven years and tied the knot in New York City on September 25, 2016.

They have a goofy and playful relationship, which has been like that since day one.

According to one of Shaina’s Instagram posts, Matt did one of the most hilarious dances during her wedding, which makes her laugh to this day as she reminisces about their happy times.

Matt and Shaina have been spotted attending events and award shows together, emphasizing that they always have each other’s backs during highs and lows.

Additional Information

  • Shaina Taub’s mother, Susan Taub, is an elementary school teacher who always supported Shaina’s theatrical aspirations.
  • Shaina was born in 1988, and she will turn 36 years old this 2024.
  • The actress has an older sister, and they are two years apart.
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