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Love Island Leah Kateb Embraces Persian Ethnicity With Iranian Parents

Leah Kateb is a Persian beauty, raising high voltage drama in Love Island.

Leah Kateb, known for her Persian beauty, has captivated audiences on Love Island USA season 6 with her striking features and charm.

Leah Kateb is making her debut on Love Island USA season 6, diving headfirst into villa drama from the start.


  • Leah parents have Iranian origin, though she grew up in California.
  • Even her surname refers to Persian ancestral, which is an evident that she holds Arabic roots.
  • She speaks Farsi fluently and it’s hasn’t affected her accent thouroughly.

She quickly connected with Rob Rausch, and they became a prominent couple.

Nonetheless, Rob shocked her by choosing Andrea Carmona instead.

Rob’s mixed signals and indecision left Leah feeling abandoned despite her usual knack for sensing trouble.

Leah coupled up with Connor Newsum, who had been with JaNa Craig, at the next recoupling.

After stealing Connor from JaNa, Leah’s interest in him waned quickly.

Later, she votes to eliminate bombshell Andrea from the villa to quench the revenge with Rob.

Raised By Iranian Parents, Leah Kateb Is Fluent In Farsi

Leah Kateb hails from Bell Canyon, California, and resides in Calabasas with her family.

Her parents immigrated from Iran to Los Angeles, shaping her upbringing with Persian culture and values.

Leah holds American nationality, and somehow, her Iranian roots deeply subside within her.

Similarly, the surname “Kateb” has Persian origins and is commonly found in Iran and among Persian-speaking communities.

Even though Leah Kateb’s first language was Farsi, her English-speaking accent does not reflect her Persian heritage.

This can be influenced by growing up in California, where accents and speech patterns differ from those of her native language.

Meanwhile, it’s common for individuals from immigrant backgrounds to have a nuanced accent or different mannerisms when speaking English.

At the same time, Leah’s Instagram calls for her Iranian heritage and boundless love for animals.

It seems Leah Kateb has not disclosed information about her parents’ identities or whether she has siblings.

Additional Information

  • An avid animal lover, Leah has been vegan for eleven years.
  • Leah Kateb deeply admires acclaimed director David Lynch, who is known for his works like Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive.
  • She is also a passionate music enthusiast, having attended Coachella in 2022.
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