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Catreisa Johnson Was Close With Her Sister, Kway Janee, Out Of Other Family Members

Catreisa Johnson Was Stranded From Her Family After Leaving The Hospital.

Catreisa Johnson, known as Lady Cat, a social media influencer, has tragically passed away, as confirmed by her sister Kway Janee.

Lady Cat had been hospitalized and in a coma before succumbing to her condition, leaving a void in the hearts of her followers who admired her humor.


  • Lady Cat, a social media influencer recognized for her humor despite frequent controversy, has left a noticeable absence among her followers following her passing.
  • Kway Janee conveyed the news on Facebook, underscoring their strong bond. The sisters resided together in Memphis, Tennessee, having roots in Lake View, South Australia.
  • After being released from the hospital, she faced financial and emotional challenges, feeling neglected by her family. The recent passing of her aunt further compounded their family’s grief.

Despite often sparking controversy with her content, she will be remembered fondly for brightening our feeds from time to time.

Cat had been seriously ill but had shown signs of improvement in recent months. Unfortunately, her health declined again.

As news of her passing spreads, searches for information about her parents, sister, and other family members have surged, highlighting their grief over this irreplaceable loss.

Kway Janee Expresses Her Sister, Lady Cat’s Unbearable Loss On Social Media

Kway Janee is Lady Cat’s younger sister, who shares a very close bond with her.

On June 23, 2024, Kway Janee, Lady Cat’s younger sister, took to her Facebook and shared a photo of Lady Cat with the caption:

My sister is gone yall Pray for my family im so lost lord my big sis i love you girl i love you

Kway Janee

The post demonstrated the amount of grief she was in after losing her one and only sister.

According to her Facebook profile, she lives in Memphis, Tennessee, and the sisters lived together before one passed away.

However, the Johnson family originally hailed from Lake View, South Australia, before relocating to the U.S.

In contrast to Catreisa’s open relationship with RubyRedd The Biggest, also known as Babypimp, her sister Kway is currently single.

The tragic news that has befallen the Johnson household is compounded by the recent passing of Cat’s aunt, Jerry, on June 8, 2024, just days before Cat’s own demise.

While specific details about Lady Cat remain scarce, her appearance indicates that she was in her late 30s.

Catreisa Johnson Was Stranded From Her Family After Leaving The Hospital

Catreisa frequently featured her mother in her TikTok videos, including one where she was seen arguing with her.

However, specific details about her mother’s name and her father have not been publicly disclosed.

In a video posted on August 31, 2022, Lady Cat candidly discussed her family dynamics, revealing that despite her poor health condition, she felt unsupported by her family.

Tearfully, she expressed her sorrow to her audience, mentioning that although she had been discharged from the hospital, she lacked the strength to work and earn money.

As a result, she found herself penniless and feeling completely ignored by her family.

Additional Information

  • Catreisa Johnson lived in Memphis, Tennessee, and had a significant social media following. She had over 5k followers on Facebook, and her TikTok handle had over 87k followers.
  • Lady Cat has a son whose name has yet to be uncovered; however, it was mentioned that Johnson’s son is not in contact with his father.
  • Johnson completed her schooling at Fairley High School in Tennessee.
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