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Holly Willoughby’s Security Guard Gavin Plumb Had A Troubled Childhood Amid Parental Separation!

Gavin Plumb had struggled with leaving his home for four years due to his weight.

Gavin Plumb, a security guard from Harlow, Essex, has been convicted of planning to kidnap, assault, and slay television presenter Holly Willoughby.

He intended to carry out what he described as his “ultimate fantasy” involving highly sensualized violence against the former ‘This Morning host.’


  • Gavin Plumb had a troubled upbringing after his parents’ divorce and his weight issues.
  • His father’s limited involvement after the separation led to a challenging childhood marked by emotional struggles.
  • Gavin gained prior attention in 2018 as a BBC feature subject on weight loss, sharing his journey from reaching 35 stone and the impact of his fluctuating weight on his well-being.

Consequently, Plumb was arrested after unintentionally revealing his plans online to an undercover police officer based in the United States.

Despite denying charges of intended crimes from 2021 to 2023, he was found guilty following an eight-day trial held at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Gavin Plumb: Born to Parents Adrian Broad and His Mother, Highlighting His White Ethnic Background!

Gavin Plumb is the youngest of three brothers and a 37-year-old so-called “mummy’s boy” from Harlow, Essex. He is of white ethnicity.

He began living in a council house with his father, Adrian Broad, and his mother.

Unfortunately, his parents’ marriage ended, and after his mother remarried a security guard, the children adopted the surname Plumb.

After remarrying, the boys’ biological father was hardly involved in their lives anymore. Gavin’s father, Mr. Broad, 61, told the Daily Mail,

We split up, and I had visitation rights for the boys. But I had to stop seeing them because my father-in-law said I couldn’t bring them around anymore. They all think I abandoned them, but I didn’t because I had nowhere to take them. None of my boys want to speak to me.

Adrian Broad

Gavin had a troubled childhood due to his parents’ separation and his ongoing weight issues.

Before this horrific incident involving Holly Willoughby, he gained attention as a BBC feature subject on weight loss in 2018.

Moreover, in BBC’s feature, he chronicled his journey after reaching 35 stone, sharing his struggles with fluctuating weight and its impact on his mental and physical health.

In that interview, Gavin praised his mother for her great support, mentioning she fears discovering him on the floor, having succumbed to a heart attack during the visits.

His mum is a big part of his life. She adores him and worships the ground he walks on. She loves her children unconditionally.

Gavin’s Family Friend

Plumb’s now 62-year-old mother, a hospital healthcare assistant, refused to speak to the media but has always stood by her son despite his obvious flaws and failings.

Additional Information

  • Reports suggest Gavin identifies with the Incel community, reflecting common symptoms of loneliness and frustration seen in that community.
  • Moreover, according to Medium, Gavin Plumb is the father of two kids, a son, and a daughter, with ex-partner Laura Roberts.
  • Gavin’s stepfather, who also worked as a security guard, is believed to have helped Plumb get a similar job at a shopping center in Harlow.
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