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Fraud Allegations On Louise Woodward’s Parents, Susan And Gary Woodward Over Defense Fund

Gary and Susan, parents of convicted au pair Louise, were committed for trial on fraud charges.

Susan and Gary Woodward are the parents of Louise Woodward, who gained international attention in the late 1990s due to a high-profile legal case.

Louise Woodward’s parents, the British au pair convicted of taking the life of a baby in Massachusetts, were handcuffed on fraud charges related to their daughter’s appeal fund.


  • Louise’s parents, Susan and Gary Woodward, were taken into custody involving their daughter’s legal defense fund.
  • Despite these serious accusations, Susan and Gary were acquitted of fraud charges in July 2000.
  • Gary’s two-year affair, which began before Louise’s legal ordeal, led to his separation from Susan and his remarriage.

In October 1997, Louise Woodward was convicted of second-degree murder by a Massachusetts court for the death of 8-month-old Matthew Eappen.

However, a judge later reduced the verdict to manslaughter and sentenced her to the 279 days she had already spent in jail, after which she returned to England.

At that time, her parents were fundraising to cover the legal expenses incurred during Louise’s defense.

However, their efforts later came under investigation when allegations of fraud emerged.

Cheshire police, in collaboration with the FBI, investigated Woodward’s parents following allegations.

Susan Woodward was accused of using a forged invoice to claim over $14,000 in rent and expenses while staying at the home of her daughter’s lawyer, Elaine Whitfield Sharp.

In July 2000, the jury directed to find Susan and Gary not guilty ultimately cleared them of fraud charges despite these serious accusations.

Gary Woodward Remarries After Leaving Susan, With Whom He Had an Affair Before Louise’s Ordeal

Louise Woodward’s parents, Gary and Susan, who now go by her maiden name Baker, married in 1974 when she was 18. They have two daughters, Louise and Vicky.

Unfortunately, the couple, who once appeared united in their efforts to support their daughter, eventually became estranged.

This estrangement culminated in Gary Woodward having a two-year affair with Margaret Hornsby.

The extra-martial relationship began before his daughter’s ordeal in the USA, leading to his remarriage.

Moreover, in the years leading up to Louise’s ordeal, there were persistent rumors about the state of their marriage.

Some villagers in Elton were aware of Gary’s affair before it became public knowledge. Also, in June 1998, Gary’s lawyers issued a statement explaining the situation.

A spokesman said,

“He has been involved in a relationship for a number of years. Susan was aware of it before Louise was arrested.”


Despite separating, the Woodwards’ shared nightmare was not over.

Louise Woodward’s case remains one of the most talked-about legal cases involving a British citizen abroad.

Her parents’ struggles and eventual legal battles highlight the intense pressures faced by families involved in high-profile criminal cases.

After the intense media scrutiny during their daughter’s trial and subsequent fraud allegations, they have kept a low profile.

Given the limited and dated information available, Susan and Gary will likely continue to live private lives away from the public eye.

Additional Information

  • In 2022, Channel 4 aired a documentary titled “The Killer Nanny: Did She Do It?” It re-examined the evidence and featured interviews with witnesses.
  • Louise graduated with an upper second-class law degree from South Bank University in London last July.
  • Louise, now 46, leads a quiet life in the UK, teaching dance classes and regularly participating in school runs. One neighbor mentioned that she is “just another mum to us.”
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