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Exploring Ahna Mac’s Family Roots and Mixed Ethnicity

Ahna Mac made it to the end of the famous reality show Baddies.

Ahna Mac, also known as Anyssa Santiago, is a reality TV personality and social media influencer.

She gained prominence as a cast member on the fourth and fifth seasons of the reality show “Baddies,” specifically “Baddies East” and “Baddies Caribbean.”


  • Ahna Mac, born Anyssa Santiago on August 13, 2000, hails from Plainfield, New Jersey.
  • Despite her rising fame, specific details about her parents and family background have not been extensively documented. Ahna Mac’s ethnic heritage is diverse, potentially encompassing Black and Spanish roots.
  • Ahna Mac’s career trajectory took a notable turn with her appearance on the reality TV series “Baddies.”

Aside from her musical accomplishments, Ahna Mac showcased her versatility by posting a dance performance to Burna Boy’s “City Boy” in August 2023.

Ahna has also covered Jennifer Lopez’s “Tonight” in July 2021, demonstrating her dynamic range as an artist.

With a growing fan base and a repertoire of heartfelt tracks, Ahna Mac continues to evolve as an artist, exploring new musical avenues while staying true to her R&B roots.

Ahna Mac’s Possible Afro-Latino Ethnicity and Roots in Plainfield, New Jersey

Ahna Mac, born Anyssa Santiago on August 13, 2000, in Plainfield, New Jersey.

Despite her rising fame, specific details about her parents and family background have not been extensively documented in publicly accessible sources.

While the details of her parents have not been disclosed, Ahna Mac is believed to have a mixed heritage, encompassing Afro-Latino (Black and Spanish) ethnicity.

A TikTok video mentions her being a proud black woman, and moreover, a Reddit thread mentions that she has claimed that her great-grandfather was black.

However, she has also admitted that she is “barely black,” and her parents appear to be white or non-black.

In addition to this, Santiago is a prevalent surname across regions influenced by Spanish and Portuguese heritage, reflecting its historical and cultural significance.

Also, she remains rooted in Plainfield, New Jersey. She values authenticity in her music and often reflects personal stories and emotions in her songwriting.

It’s important to note that accurate information about an individual’s racial background should be based on personal statements or verified sources, not on social media claims.

Ahna Mac’s Career Transition From Music to Reality TV Fame on Baddies

Ahna is a singer-songwriter who has carved a niche in the music industry with her distinctive style and relatable lyrics.

Her career took a notable turn with her participation in the reality TV series “Baddies.”

Ahna appeared in the fourth season, titled “Baddies East,” and the fifth season, “Baddies Caribbean,” which expanded her audience and showcased her vibrant personality beyond the music studio.

During her time on Baddies East, Ahna Mac frequently clashed with fellow cast members Scotty and DJ Sky High Baby after commenting negatively about Chrisean Rock online.

She primarily resided in House B for most of the season, alongside Tesehki, Biggie, Camilla, Sky, Smiley, and Tee.

Ahna Mac was slated to join Baddies Caribbean, but she was placed on Injury Reserve after sustaining a facial fracture in three places.

Despite her injury, she appeared and was involved in a heated argument with Rollie.

This exposure to reality TV allowed her to connect with fans more personally, further enhancing her public profile.

Additional Information

  • In the premiere episode of Baddies: Caribbean, Ahna Mac, and Rollie engaged in a heated dispute during which Ahna disclosed her rumored facial injury, involving three fractures.
  • Ahna has an Instagram account with the username @itsahnamac and has over 485k followers.
  • Ahna Mac continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, with plans to further her career in music and possibly return to reality TV.
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