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Perfect Match’s Chris Hahn Inherited Only Good Genes From His Parents Paul Hahn And Christina Vitale

Chris Hahn gained tremendous attention for his mesmerizing look and irresistible charm in the second season of Perfect Match, which was released on June 7, 2024.

Chris Hahn is a model and he models for a modelling agency called ACE MODELS.


  • Netflix surprised Chris Hahn’s father, Paul Hahn, before the second season premiere of Perfect Match, showcasing the strong bond between father and son.
  • Chris acquired his charms from his charming father, who is very proud of his grown son.
  • While Chris Hahn shares glimpses of his personal life on social media, he balances his public image and privacy. Although details about his family, including his mother Christina Vitale, are kept relatively private, his occasional family photos reflect a close bond with his loved ones.

In Perfect Match, Chris pairs with Tolú Ekundare, who were friends initially but later started dating.

They are one of the most loved couples on the show due to their natural chemistry and genuine bonding.

While Chris was friends with Tolú, she dared him to lap dance with the girl he fancied the most.

Surprisingly, he chose her to do the dance, and the rest is history.

Before, Chris was sent on a date with the other contestant, Melinda Melrose. However, they didn’t find themselves compatible and decided to switch matches.

When Chris’s popularity is still fresh, the hype about his parents continues, and we are here to answer all your curiosities regarding his family.

Netflix Surprised Chris Hahn’s Dad, Paul Hahn Before The Perfect Match S2 Premiere

Chris Hahn took it to his Instagram on June 3, 2024, and expressed his excitement about the surprise. He also captured video clips of his dad’s reaction.

He genuinely seemed happy and proud of his son for how far he had come.

In addition, the resemblance between the father and son cannot be denied; they look complete photocopies of each other, one who has aged fine like wine and the other who is blooming in his early 30s.

The father-son duo later went to the Netflix summer party on the very day, which was the old man’s first-ever Netflix party.

He was glowing under the sun with his sunglasses on, grooving and vibing with the music.

However, Chris himself has not disclosed his dad’s name and other details, creating a fine line between his personal and professional life.

However, we learned that their father’s name is Paul Hahn via his sister Paulina Hahn’s Facebook page.

Viewers and Chris’s fans were going crazy over his dad, who showed extreme coolness despite his age.

One of the fans commented,

Please bring your dad to my next party! I see who you get your charm from! 🫶🏾

That is indeed true; no wonder Chris inherited all his dad’s good qualities, including his charm, physique, and facial features.

Another user who goes by the username magddalene commented,

Dad elevated the day 😙👌🏼

Chris Hahn resides in Los Angeles, California, and was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The model holds American nationality; however, no information is available on whether his roots lie in the U.S. or some other country.

Chris Hahn’s Mother Christina Vitale Shares A Close Bond With Her Children

Although Chris has kept his mother’s details private, he loves sharing family photos on his social media.

He shared a beautiful photo with his mother and sister on Facebook on January 23, 2020.

Even though caption is not mentioned, it is sure that the woman on his left is his mother, and the one on his right is his sister.

We proved this when we checked Paulina’s Facebook handle. She posted a photo with her mother on Mother’s Day in 2017, and both of them are the same person.

Additionally, to her post, her mother, Christina Vitale herself has commented,

Love my daughter xo

Additional Information

  • When Julia Perfectto told Chris Hahn about her last name in the show, Chris responded that it sounded like cheese. And they have been good friends since then.
  • Chris is quite serious about his fitness and hits the gym whenever he has free time.
  • Hahn has hobbies of his own. He loves surfing, skating, and swimming.
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