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Bridgerton Lord Kilmartin, Single Child Of His Mother, Helen Stirling And Father

In Bridgerton Season 3, Lord Kilmartin doesn’t appear very often, but when he does, he leaves a strong impression as Francesca Bridgerton’s understated love interest.

Portrayed by actor Victor Alli, he possesses a calm and collected demeanor that complements Francesca’s.


  • Lord Kilmartin’s background and family are shrouded in mystery, especially his father, who remains undisclosed throughout the series.
  • Portrayed by Victor Alli, Lord Kilmartin is Francesca Bridgerton’s love interest.
  • The series makes notable changes to Lord Kilmartin’s character from the books, presenting him as a calm and collected figure rather than a notorious rake.

He’s caught Francesca Bridgerton‘s eye because he seems to understand her need for peace and quiet in the chaotic world of marriage hunting.

Despite being a central figure in her romantic journey, little about Lord Kilmartin’s background is initially revealed.

As Francesca’s affection for Lord Kilmartin grows, viewers eagerly anticipate learning more about his family background and personal history.

Here’s everything you need to know about the parents and other details of Lord John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin, in Bridgerton season 3.

Lord Kilmartin’s Parents’ Identity Still Shrouded in Mystery

Lord Kilmartin, known as John Stirling in the series, inherits the prestigious title of Earl of Kilmartin.

His mother, Helen Stirling, is mentioned, yet his father’s identity remains undisclosed. Born in England in 1791, Lord Kilmartin is depicted as the only son of his parents.

Interestingly, there’s a cousin named John Stirling in the books, but his character has been renamed as Michael in the show, indicating potential alterations to the storyline.

Additionally, Lord Kilmartin has an aunt named Janet Stirling and an unnamed grandmother, although it’s uncertain if their roles will remain consistent in the series.

While the focus of Bridgerton Season 3 revolves around the budding romance between Lord Kilmartin and Francesca, the details of his family background are yet to be explored.

As the remaining episodes of the season unfold, there’s hope for further insights into Lord Kilmartin’s familial connections and origins.

Lord Kilmartin’s Refreshing Change from the Book in Bridgerton

In Bridgerton Season 3, Lord Kilmartin, originally Michael Stuart Stirling in the books, appears as an eligible bachelor introduced towards the end of the third episode at the Hawkins ball.

While he is known as the ninth Earl of Kilmartin in the novels, the TV series alters his name to John Stirling.

Unlike his book counterpart, who is described as “London’s most infamous rake,” the Netflix portrayal of Lord Kilmartin deviates significantly.

In the show, Lord Kilmartin is different from the usual womanizer. Instead, he’s more like Francesca, wanting peace and quiet amidst the chaotic marriage market.

This shift in characterization distinguishes him from other characters associated with the rake archetype in the Bridgerton universe, such as Lord Anderson and Anthony Bridgerton in previous seasons.

With more episodes of this season still to come, we are eager to see how his character evolve as the series progresses.

Additional Information

  • Victor Alli plays John Stirling in season 3 of Bridgerton. He recently appeared in Andor and Death on the Nile.
  • Lord Kilmartin’s role in the series is anticipated to be significant as Francesca’s romantic storyline takes center stage this season.
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