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Big Boys Star Dylan Llewellyn Unspoken Chapter On Partner Revelation

Dylan Llewellyn plays homophobic Jack in the sitcom, Big Boys.

Is Dylan Llewellyn as shy and closeted as Jack in the series Big Boys has not enjoyed the relationship yet?

Dylan John Llewellyn is noteworthy for his roles as Martin “Jono” Johnson in Hollyoaks and James Maguire in the Channel 4 sitcom Derry Girls.


  • On Twitter, Dyan showed his support for LGBTQ community and confirmed his straight sexual orientation.
  • Dyan shares cordial relationship with his co-stars on and off the screen.
  • Though one of his co-star of Derry Girlshas been engagged, he has remained hush about his relationship status and partner.

In the sitcom, Dylan plays Jack, a shy journalism student grieving his father’s demise.

Unused to university’s social life, he longed for his quiet home with his mom and hides his sexuality.

Big Boys” is a British TV show about two first-year university students living together.

The second series started filming in May 2023 after the show was renewed in August 2022.

Dylan Llewellyn Revealed His Sexuality Via Twitter

In real life, Dylan Llewellyn has mentioned his support for the LGBTQ+ community, even though he’s not gay himself.

Contrary to his personal views, in “Big Boys,” Dylan Llewellyn portrays Jack, a character who is homophobic

As a result, A Twitter user expressed support, stating that everyone should be free to love whoever they choose.

Some fans expressed disappointment, jokingly wishing Dylan Llewellyn was gay.

They complimented his appearance on “Crystal Maze” but lamented that their hopes and dreams were “shattered” upon learning he is not gay.

Nonetheless, Dylan Llewellyn hasn’t publicly disclosed details about his dating life or partner, maintaining privacy about his personal relationships.

Dylan Llewellyn Didn’t Have Time To Commit In Relationship

While Dylan Llewellyn has kept his personal life private, his co-star Saoirse-Monica Jackson shared the news of her engagement to Scottish DJ Denis Sulta in February.

Indeed, Dylan Llewellyn often shares pictures with his co-stars on Instagram, showing their close bond both on and off-screen.

It’s possible that he might not have had the bandwidth or stability to commit to a relationship during challenging times.

Dylan revealed that he was working at a café making sandwiches and was hesitant to get his hopes up about the audition for “Derry Girls.”

He described a year of feeling stuck and nearly giving up, having dropped out of college without a clear direction.

He was emotional when he finally received the news that he had been cast as James Maguire.

The call came while he was at work, and it felt like a lifeline.

It gave him renewed hope and purpose, saving him from the brink of giving up on his dreams.

Now, at the peak of stardom, he might finally loosen up, find a compatible partner, and boast about them to news outlets.

Additional Information

  • Dylan Llewellyn was born in Surrey, the youngest of three boys.
  • He attended More House School in Farnham, which helps children with autism, developmental language disorder, and dyslexia.
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