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Anna Stubblefield & Her Ex-Husband Roger Stubblefield’s Life After The Scandal

Roger Stubblefield's new beginnings with Kim after his ex-wife's scandal.

Netflix’s new documentary, “Tell Them You Love Me,” delves into the true story of Anna, who was convicted in 2015 of sexually assaulting a man with cerebral palsy.

The film, directed by Nick August-Perna, highlights the incident and the nationwide debate it sparked.


  • Anna’s ex-husband, a renowned tuba player, Roger Stubblefield, was entangled in the scandal and its legal aftermath.
  • During their marriage, Anna achieved tenure as a professor at Rutgers University, but her relationship with Derrick Johnson ultimately led to her divorce from Roger in 2014.
  • Following his divorce, Roger remarried Kimberly Boller in 2021, who serves as senior director for Science Affairs at the American Psychological Association.

Anna’s ex-husband, Roger Stubblefield, a tuba player, was also entangled in the scandal and court testimonies surrounding the case.

Tell Them You Love Me” explores various perspectives in the case, including those of Derrick’s family and interviews with Anna herself, delving deeper into the story.

Let’s delve further into this article to explore more about Roger Stubblefield, Anna Stubblefield’s husband, and how their marriage was affected following the trial and scandal.

Anna Stubblefield’s Husband, Composer Roger Stubblefield’s Life Shattered by Her Scandal

Roger Stubblefield, a composer, conductor, and tuba player, has been associated with numerous prestigious symphony orchestras.

Anna Stubblefield married Roger in 1989, and the couple enjoyed a happy marriage with two children, a son and a daughter, Zoe Stubblefield.

During that period, everything was going well in her personal and professional life as Anna became a tenured professor at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.

However, after a while, she developed a relationship with Derrick Johnson, a nonverbal man with cerebral palsy known in the media as D.J., which ultimately disrupted the lives of everyone around her.

When Anna disclosed to D.J.’s family that they were in love and had been intimate, it led to a court trial and ignited discussions on race, disability, and consent.

In court, Anna testified that she was willing to leave her husband and children to begin a new life with D.J. due to her love for him. Roger and Anna divorced in 2014.

Roger Stubblefield’s New Chapter with His Second Wife Kimberly Boller

Following his divorce from Anna, Roger Stubblefield wed Kimberly Boller on March 21, 2021.

Roger’s second wife, Kimberly Boller, is senior director for Science Affairs at the American Psychological Association.

They reside in Philadelphia with Roger’s two children and frequently travel for his concerts.

Roger and Kim have enjoyed more than three years of happy marriage, often sharing their travels and adventures on social media.

Roger’s life is currently thriving on multiple fronts. He is dedicated to managing his company and continuing to demonstrate his talent as a tuba player.

Alongside these pursuits, he prioritizes his family, ensuring they lead a happy life together.

Moreover, according to Today, Anna Stubblefield lives away from the public eye.

Additional Information

  • Stubblefield claimed she and Johnson were in a romantic relationship but faced backlash from Johnson’s family.
  • This dispute culminated in a criminal trial in 2015, where Stubblefield was convicted of a felony and served 22 months in prison, according to The New York Times.
  • Despite pleading guilty, Stubblefield insists on her innocence and asserts she did not commit a crime.
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