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Ann Lurie’s Husband, Mark Muheim, Is A Successful Cinematographer In His 70s

Mark Muheim had his wife, Ann Lurie, as his lobster.

Renowned prolific philanthropist Ann Lurie passed away on June 24, 2024, due to complications from her recent illness, garnering attention to her husband, Mark Muheim.

Mark Muheim is Ann’s second husband, whom she married after her first husband, Robert Lurie’s demise.


  • Ann Lurie’s marriage to Mark Muheim blended their families, emphasizing the importance of family bonds.
  • Mark Muheim is a filmmaker with a career spanning over five decades, who is most probably in his mid 70s.
  • He founded his own production company and has earned accolades. His career highlights his dedication despite personal challenges.

In 2014, Mark and Ann had their wedding in Jackson, Wyoming, and settled there later in their permanent house.

This 2024, Ann and Mark’s marriage would have completed a decade; however, Ann fought her battle, was defeated, and left him behind with lingering memories.

Mark Muheim has six stepchildren, whom his wife Ann Lurie shares with her first husband.

According to the reports, he has two sons from his former relationship, although none of their names have been disclosed.

Mark Muheim Is An Award Winning Multi-talented Filmmaker Active Since 1975

Mark Muheim has been involved in film editing for the past 5 decades now.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he commenced his film editing journey as a freelance documentary film editor in 1975.

Then, Mark started his own company in 1994 and registered it under the name Muheim Motion Pictures LLC. He has been its Owner and President since then.

MMPI produces documentary films and video programs for broadcasts, museum exhibitions, fundraising galas, non-profit educational events, and commercials.

Mark has earned editing, producing, directing, writing, and photography credits throughout his professional career.

The major ones are two Primetime Emmy Awards out of four nominations for his work on The Kennedy Center Honors – CBS, and “Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Special, Miniseries or a Movie.

Thus, the cinematographer is best known for the Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration Of Performing Arts franchise, which was released in 1996, 1998, and 2002.

Although Mark is going through the irreplaceable loss of his wife, he has a self-made career on his hands and will definitely continue what he has been doing for more than half of his life.

Mark Muheim Appears To Be In His Mid 70s

Mark Maheim majored from Western Colorado University in Arts in Speech and Drama. He enrolled in 1971 and completed his degree in 1975.

Thus, he discovered his passion at a young age.

Although his date of birth has not been disclosed in the media, we can assume that he might have been in his early 20s during his undergrad.

Considering this and based on his appearance, he most likely is in his mid 70s.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Ann Lurie’s late husband, Robert Lurie, left an estate worth $425 million.
  • Ann Lurie has 16 grandchildren from her 6 children. However, their names are not revealed.
  • In 2024, the philanthropist Lurie turned 79 years old, according to major media outlets.
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